Daily Frugal Tip: Get Creative With Your Exercising!

Who says you have to spend loads of money on a gym membership or exercise classes to stay fit and healthy? Get creative with some exercise ideas at home to save money in this area of your budget.

Try walking around the neighborhood each day. Use soup cans or water bottles instead of weights. Make your own punching bag out of old clothes and some fabric. Put on some music and dance. Do some heavy gardening outside. Jump rope in place. Take a run. Rent workout videos from the library. Walk your dog every day. Go on a bike ride with the family.

There are many options for exercising at home. These are probably just a few out of the hundreds of ideas out there. How do you fit exercising into your daily schedule and frugal budget?

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  1. Paper plates! Use them for sliders on carpet, tile, wood, almost anything! You can do sliding jumping jacks, sliding mountain climbers, sliding speed skaters, sliding lunges… you get the idea! Make a circuit where you do each exercise for about a minute and repeat a few times for a killer workout. Some perks: It’s non/low-impact and can be done in front of the TV while watching your favorite show!


  2. I have struggled to find exercise time with small children so I recently bought a bike trailer and take the two yougest with me for bike rides. Now I don’t have the excuse of not being able to fit it in, the kids are always begging to go so I’ve got motivation, and I’m getting a much harder workout pulling them! In the summer heat I love to get up early and go for a walk by myself before the world wakes up/heats up but can’t make that work with our school year schedule.


  3. Pardon the saying but , kill two birds with one stone. I take a walk each morning with one of my children. Each day a different child gets one on one with me and the other children at home are responsible for that child’s chores that morning. Exercise and quality time!


  4. Paula Sophia Keil via Facebook

    I live in new mexico, a little water bottle can be filled with sand to add more weight. Plus holding water encourages to drink more water which many really dont do


  5. I agree with nearly all of this BUT women need to challenge themselves with lifting heavy weights – not water bottles or milk jugs. Having strong muscles requires women to lift weights that are heavier than that and the long term benefits are amazing. It is a myth that lifting weights bulks a woman up like a man. I see basic weights at goodwill and garage sales all the time or check on craigslist. It does not cost a lot to stay strong.


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