Daily Frugal Tip: Heat-Free Curls

Want gorgeous curls in under 5 minutes? Check out these Three No-Heat Hair Curling Methods!

In case you’re wondering how this is considered a frugal tip, since I have stumbled across these methods I haven’t had to use any heat styling methods whatsoever (blow dryer, curling iron, etc.) or any hair products like gel or hair spray. I also spend less than 5 minutes doing my hair. So I consider this frugal because it could save you from having to buy hair products, save electricity, and save time!

By the way, the third method works best for my hair but didn’t work for my daughter’s hair. If you try one and it doesn’t work, try another method until you find the best one for your hair.

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  1. I tried the sock bun yesterday night and it didn’t come out so good……it just made my hair have ugly wave going through it………I think the part of the problem was my hair isn’t as long as the girl in the video. I think it would work if you have long hair like her. I am going to try it again using a thinner sock so its not as fat, so I can roll my hair multiple times before it gets to the crown of my head. I have done the rag curls in the past, video #3. And it works good but it makes your hair go wild, you have to use some sort of styling product afterwards to tame it down. I love the first video because its a hairstyle in itself. I just have to get a hairband like her, will try soon and post the outcomes.


  2. i tried # 3 last night. it didnt work well for me. (so today its in a pony tail) my hair is baby fine and i have VERY little… 🙁 It turned out horrible!

    I DID however do this on my 2 year old daughter. As i was putting the socks in my hair last night she came up to me and pointed to her head and said “i want it” so i did the same for her and it came our beautiful!!! not so much ‘curly’ but she had a cute little flip out! I will try another method tonight to see if my luck changes!


  3. I am so excited to try this (third video verson)! My hair is long and stick straight and does not hold curl well. Thanks for this post! I will come back with results of this 🙂


  4. I like the first one the best as it could be a hairstyle in and of itself, but I’ll have to try them all to see which one works the best.

    I’ve been doing a no-heat curl method on my own for a while, where I just part my hair and twist it on each side during the morning while I’m getting ready and then shake it out once it has dried a bit and I’m good to go all day.

    These look more efficient though since you can sleep on them! Yay for less to do in the morning!


  5. I use a variation of the “sock bun”. I have very fine hair but a lot of it. I wash my hair at night because I would never be able to get it dry if I did it in the morning. I pull my hair up in a pony tail (wet with styling product on it), and use a scrunchy to secure it in the pony tail. I twist the pony tail on my finger, then wrap it around itself and secure it with another scrunchy. In the morning I take my hair down, it’s still a little damp, but when I take it down and run my fingers through it, it dries quickly. A couple of quick sprays of hair spray and I’m done, and the curls last all day, even through the humidity.


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