Daily Frugal Tip: Save On Gas

With gas prices high once again, we can save a small fortune by trying to conserve on our gas. Carpool to work and activities whenever possible. Combine errands into one trip if you can. Walk or bike if that’s an option. ūüôā

What other ways do you save on gas?

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  1. I take advantage of Winn Dixie’s gas card when they have items on sale I usually need or stock up on. And rebates that give you gas cards. But it has to be things I already buy anyway.


  2. Try to plan out your day.
    Grocery stores offers discounted gas prices when you buy particular products & shop @ their store.
    Discover is offering 5% cashback bonus for gas for the next 3 months.
    BJs or SAMs for gas. Usually it is $.05 is cheaper than the gas stations.
    Walmart offers $.03 off per gallon when you use their gift card.


  3. Our local grocery store has a mini 4 pump gas station attached. When you spend $25 or more in groceries, a coupon print for cents off at the pump up to 20 gals. You can stack up to 3 Qs for a max 75 cents off a gallon!


  4. Kroger has its cents off fuel program which allows you to save as you shop. I always receive 3 cents off per gallon just for using my Kroger card at the pump. I usually earn an additional 20-30 cents off per gallon per month as I purchase groceries. For every $100 you spend at Kroger (it’s cumulative), you receive 10 cents off per gallon. There is a limit (though that’s never an issue for me) as to how many points you can earn per month. And you can specify at the pump whether or not you want to use your points or let them accumulate. Just remember, you start at square one again at the beginning of each new month. Points do not carry over to the next month. Check out Kroger’s website and look under Kroger.com > In Store > Save on Fuel > Fuel Program, for more details. Happy Saving!


  5. I have a bad habit of storing stuff in my car, but i read on AAA’s website that extra weight in the car uses more gas, so I’m trying to keep my trunk & bad seat as empty as possible to save some money!


  6. Wait until the last couple weeks of October to do anything, just a couple of weeks before the election. Gas prices will ‘magically’ plunge and everyone will be oohing and ahhing, like it happens every 4 years.


  7. I put myself on a gas budget a few months back and it’s working well so far, I tank up twice a month when I do my grocery shopping. I fill up at Costco with my Costco AmEx card to save an extra 3%. Knowing I ‘can’t’ fill up for a few more days is often enough to squash the impulse drive to wherever.
    Long term though, we plan to sell our house and move close to public transit, we spend far too much money on gas when everything is a 30+ minute drive away.


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