Daily Frugal Tip: Split Your Meal In Half

Sue sent in a great reminder as a frugal tip today:

“If you love going out to eat with friends, simply split your meal with a friend. If you eat alone, then eat half of your meal and bring the other half home to have for lunch the next day.”

This has gotten so easy to do lately, with how HUGE all of the portion sizes are. I almost always split meals when I go out to eat. Is this a regular frugal practice of yours?

Thanks, Sue!

Photo Source: bistrodongiovanni.com via Carrie on Pinterest

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  1. It’s especially fun at a good Thai restaurant with a lot of people. We ask for smaller plates, and sample all of the dishes among friends and family.


  2. Tina H. Giesbrecht via Facebook

    I eat until I`m full, regardless of what, if anything, is leftover. I`m nnot walking away hungry, there are plenty of other ways to be frugal.


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