Daily Frugal Tip: Use A Rebate Jar

Check out this really awesome frugal tip from reader Kathy!

“If you want to take advantage of rebates without having too much money invested up front, you can create a rebate jar. As my rebate checks come in, I cash them and put the money in the jar. I then use that money specifically to buy other items that I will receive a full rebate for. You can, in a sense, ‘roll’ your rebate money!”

How cool is that?! This is a GREAT way to take advantage of all those rebates without paying too much out of pocket.

Thanks, Kathy!

Photo Source: womenshealthmag.com via Rozanna on Pinterest

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  1. Debbie, good point! But remember you are also getting the rebate item free without cash outlay from your regular budget. This may help families on a tight budget be able to take advantage of rebates who otherwise could not. For example I have at least $40 .worth of rebates I am working on this week. Some budgets could not spare that and then wait weeks for rebate money.


  2. But if all you’re doing is taking money to spend on something else, to then put that rebate money away to spend on something else, what’s the bonus here?


    • Some people really like to be able to take advantage of free products after rebate. You get to try out free products, add more to your stockpile, etc. But some families can’t afford the out of pocket expense for it. So Kathy’s ideas allows families to take advantage of rebates without putting down money up front from your regular budget.


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