Daily Frugal Tip: Use Toothpaste To Clean Cloudy Car Headlights

Did you know that you can use toothpaste to clean your car headlights? If they’re really cloudy, simply scrub headlight with a rag and some toothpaste. Then wipe away toothpaste with a clean, dry rag. Be sure to use the paste kind, not the gel kind.

It works wonders, and it’s super cheap! You can probably just use a bit of toothpaste from a tube you already have on hand. (And we all know how easy it is to get FREE toothpaste at the drug stores!)

Have you ever tried this? Did you have good results?

Photo Source: scaveber4.blogspot.com via Beckie on Pinterest

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  1. Just tried it – there’s a definite improvement, but not as dramatic as the picture. 19 year old light covers clearer now.


    • anthony mihovilovich

      also instead of toothpaste, is polishing compound the white one, toothpaste has a way of scratching the lens if using a baking soda type toothpaste, . wet the rag first apply polishing compound on rag and circle movements only, let dry, wipe off.


  2. Toothpaste worked some…but I decided to try my glasstop stove cleaner…and that worked much better! Our vehicles are old and really needed this badly. They went from almost yellow to pretty clear headlights. I can see the bulb now very easily. I think if I do it one more time, that will get it like new. I did even have to put any effort into it. Very quick and easy. I’m so excited!


  3. My headlight is now “slightly” clearer but also minty fresh.

    Worth a try? Sure. I noticed some sections are clearer now than others. But overall…ehh. Worth the $0.05 in toothpaste.


  4. I JUST read this – went outside to try it. I am amazed. Not completely clear but MUCH better than before. My headlights were incredibly cloudy so anything is an improvement. I did one headlight, then called my husband over (got him off the mower – SHEESH!) and asked if he could tell a difference between the two headlights. He said that the left was clearer, then I showed him the toothpaste and now I’m working on his Jeep! (I shoulda kept it to myself!)


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