Cheap Ways to Entertain Your Kids’ Friends at Home

Getting together with friends is a great way for kids to learn social skills while having a good time. But as a parent, coming up with ways to keep the group entertained can be tricky. While trips to movie theaters, ice cream shops, and bowling alleys can be fun, the cost can really add up. Luckily, your children and their friends can have just as much fun at home with these affordable activity ideas.

Watch a Movie

Watching movies you already own is super fun and affordable. Your children and their friends can watch old classics or newer favorites. To make it even more of an event, you might make some microwave popcorn or frozen pizza. To take it to the next level, check out this post on how to host the ultimate classic movie night.

Play Games

You probably already own some board games, but if not, check out this comprehensive list of family-friendly board games to start your collection. Your children can enjoy hours of fun playing them with their friends, and they may even let you join in! For a more creative activity, you might encourage your children and their friends to create their own games. That strategy could save you money in the end, too!

Make a Pillow Fort

Making a pillow fort is a timeless activity for a reason! Not only is it fun to put together a cute, cozy space, it also allows children to exercise their creativity and problem solving. Once the pillow fort is complete, your children and their friends can hang out inside and tell jokes, share stories, or play games.

Put on a Play

Putting on a play is an engaging and creative way for your children and their friends to spend their time together. They can create props, write a script, and put on a show for you or for each other. Bonus points for singing and dancing!

Make Sidewalk Art

Playing with chalk can be a fun and affordable way for your kids and their friends to spend time together if you’re lucky enough to be in an area with nice weather year round. They can work together to create designs on your sidewalk or driveway, or they can create art separately and compare their works. To incorporate physical activity into the day, your kids might also draw a hopscotch court and play.

Your children can enjoy tons of fun with their friends without you needing to spend a dime. Try these ideas the next time your children have friends over!

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