10 Fast Food Chains That Offer Freebies on Their Mobile Apps

Fast Food. It’s loved, it’s hated, and it’s inevitable in many instances, so why not get it for free? Many fast food chains have turned to mobile apps for preordering, delivering, and incentives to get customers coming back, including free food!

Here are 10 fast food chains that you can score some free (or close to free) grub, just by downloading their free mobile apps.

  1. Wendy’s. The Wendy’s app is constantly changing up their offers. They’ve offered discounted purchases like $2.00 off any Premium Combo or BOGO coupons. Find out all about this new app right here.
  2. Baskin Robbins. When you download the Baskin Robbins app and sign up for mobile deals, you’ll get a free regular scoop! This app is available on the App Store or through Google Play.
  3. McDonalds. This is probably the fast food chain that has the most freebies, all the time. They have new food deals all the time, and they even have a coffee purchase incentive. Buy 5 any size McCafe drinks, get 1 free. When they are introducing new products they often have it available free through their app for a limited time. Find out more about this app right here.
  4. Dairy Queen. When you download the Dairy Queen app and register for an account, you get a free small blizzard. Download through the App Store or Google Play. They also offer exclusive deals like buy 1 get 1 free and you can earn points to redeem even more rewards.
  5. Krispy Kreme. Lots of rewards and offers available in this app. For example, buy 12 doughnuts, get 1 free! Find out more about their app right here.
  6. Chick-Fil-A. The Chick-Fil-A app allows you to earn free food periodically and sometimes a free menu item will appear on your app just because! Find out more about their app right here.
  7. Quiznos. Earn a free small sub or Gyro with any purchase after downloading the app. You also earn 1 point for every dollar spent and once you reach 70 points you get a free sub. You can even get 10 points by connecting your app through Facebook. Download through the App Store or Google Play.
  8. Starbucks. This is probably nothing new to most, but their reward program earns you free beverage or meal items every 125 stars. You also get a free birthday drink and have the ability to earn bonus stars. Check out recent updates to the popular app right here.
  9. Sonic. Once you sign up and verify your account through the app, you will receive a freebie offer that varies. Mine was a free corn dog with purchase. Find out more about deals at Sonic.
  10.  Papa John’s Pizza. For every $5 you spend you earn a point in their rewards program. Trade these points in for free food. Download through Apple or Google.

Now I’m hungry!


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