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When to Use Your FREE Product Coupons

Everyone loves FREE product coupons. Finding a coupon that will get you a product completely free, no strings attached, is like finding gold for a couponer.

Here’s a little secret: when you find a free product coupon, don’t use it right away! That’s right, I said don’t use it…..yet! Here are three ways that you can get even more couponing excitement out of your free product coupon.

Use it on a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale

This is my favorite way to use free product coupons. If I have a coupon for a free bottle of xyz shampoo, I will wait until they go on sale B1G1Free and get 2 FREE with my coupon!  How it works: you buy 2 bottles of the shampoo, the register deducts the full price of one of the bottles, then the coupon deducts the full price of the other bottle.  Your price – $0!

Use it to Get Extra Loyalty Rewards Points

If the item can be bought at a drug store then hang on to that coupon! I like to wait until the product is part of a special promotion at the store. For example, if you have a coupon for a free bottle of xyz shampoo, wait until you can earn extra loyalty rewards points at your favorite store when you buy it.  Even if you use a coupon on a product, and even if the coupon makes it free, you will still earn the points that are advertised at most stores!

Walgreens Example: Buy xyz shampoo, Earn $2 ECBs.  How it works: You buy the shampoo, use the coupon, pay $0, and earn $2 ECBs.  Your price – Free + $2 Profit!

Use it to Save on Other Items

Many grocery stores now do special sales where you have to buy a certain number of items in order to get a lower price. For example, cereal is on sale 3 for $10, Buy 3 and save $5 instantly, final price – 3/$5. If you have a free product coupon for the cereal, this is how it would work:  Buy 3 cereals for $10, use free product coupon (deducts full price before instant savings – $3.33), save $5 instantly. Your price – 3 boxes of cereal for $1.67! It would be even better if you had coupons for the other 2 boxes of cereal!

So, next time you get a Free Product coupon – make it work overtime! Don’t have any free product coupons? Read this post with tips for How to Get FREE Product Coupons From Your Favorite Brands!

*Note – beware of printable free product coupons, they are usually fake.  Never use one that is sent to you as an email attachment.

Do you have another way to use free product coupons?  Where do  you get your free coupons?


  1. I currently purchase coupons for FREE items. I have researched everything and tried most everything. Do you have any ideas of how these coupons are being supplied to people? The coupons are legit, I have contacted manufacturers.


    • Most people get free product coupons by contacting manufacturers. You can fill out contact forms on websites and compliment their products. Often times, they will send freebie product coupons.


  2. Hi, just wanted to say I LOVE this so much!!!!! I’m still in college and don’t have to do the grocery shopping or anything yet as I’m still at home, but I’m excited to start getting better deals when I am living on my own. I for the life of me can’t seem to understand number 3 though, how if cereal is on sale 3 for 10, how buying 3 you would save 5 instantly. Could you rephrase it? It’s not you it’s me. Thank you!


    • Hi Beth! That’s just an example. Sometimes stores offer instant savings on products. In this case, we were using an example of a store having a special promotion where you buy 3 cereals and save $5 instantly. So instead of 3 boxes of cereal for $10, you’d get 3 boxes of cereal for $5 after the instant savings promotion going on. And if you had a free product coupon, it would still take off the full value of the cereal box price, before instant savings, making for an awesome deal! 😀 Hope that makes sense!


    • Hi Holly! Yes, sometimes I do. If I’m e-mailing or contacting a company online about their products, I often include my address in hopes that they may send me some coupons. It’s up to you, though. Everybody takes their private information seriously. I would do what you feel comfortable with.


  3. We get free product coupons by emailing the manufacturer. We emailed Roberts Dairy a little while back and received a lot of free product coupons!


  4. ok, i am new at this least to say….. and i’m trying to learn a little at a time as i go. i am not understanding what janet and stephanie are saying about using the coupons to get to the $$ amount to get the free buck’s off. can yall go into detail for this poor newbie??!?!lol


  5. When shopping at Publixs often they will run coupons for like $5.00 off when you spend $30 if you have free product coupons you can use them to get your total up to the $30.00 and then you can get your $5.00 additonal off your grocery bill for that week.


  6. My stores have been offering a lot of $/$ coupons and are now accepting competitors coupons. I will often go to a store and buy the required say $40, and use my free coupons to get up to the $40 to get the discount. That $5 will pay for my non coupon items like meat or produce.
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