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Frozen Pizza Alternative: Homemade Pizza Kits

It’s finally the weekend and I’m so excited to spend some quality time with my family. Friday nights tend to be pizza nights in our house and in my search for a good pizza dough recipe I came across the idea to make pizza kits from Life as Mom.  I thought it was simply brilliant!

I always prefer homemade pizza, but usually when I want pizza I am not in the mood to make the dough. So either delivery or store-bought frozen pizza is what ends up happening.

Essentially, the idea is to prep all the ingredients you’d like on your pizza ahead of time and freeze them by putting the ingredients in small freezer bags and then all of them in a large one (don’t forget to label and date!). It’s great because I can make a big batch of pizza dough, divide it out and freeze! You can also make homemade sauce, but I haven’t yet gotten into making my own sauce since I regularly get jarred sauce pretty cheap with coupons.

I chose to make four pizza kits that included salsa chicken, diced green bell peppers, red onions, and mozzarella cheese along with my dough. You can sub any sort of cooked meat (sausage, pepperoni etc) and of course add any type of veggies! Sometimes I like to change it up and sauté mushrooms and onions which freeze surprisingly well. I would avoid anything too watery (like zucchini) since they will water down the pizza and make it soggy and gross. And please don’t forget to thaw in the fridge the night before you’re ready to eat.

It’s just so cool!  This will make homemade pizza almost as easy to fix as a store-bought frozen pizza.  I’m really excited to try this out tonight with the family. And now to decide which movie to watch on Netflix…


  1. Lynette Rice via Facebook

    This is so smart! We make pizza every Friday night so I will definitely be putting some packets together.


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