New Year's Eve Recipes

Fun and Easy New Year’s Eve Snacks

New Year’s Eve is one of the best holidays for snacking. After all, if you’re staying up late, you’ll need something to fuel you through the night. While some parties may have elaborate snacks, you don’t need to make complicated or expensive food to have a good time. These eight recipes are fabulously festive without requiring a lot of time or money.

Clock Marshmallow Pops via Nifty Mom

We couldn’t resist including this recipe on the list because it is just so cute, and the little ones might enjoy helping you put these treats together by poking sticks into marshmallows. Once the treats are complete, kids will probably love the look and also the excuse to eat marshmallows.

Sparkling Jello Jigglers via Sprinkle Some Fun

Between the confetti and fireworks, New Year’s Eve often has so much sparkle. That’s why this recipe makes the cut. It pairs shimmering sprinkles with gelatine for an elegant twist on the popular dessert. This recipe calls for white grape juice, so it also seems like a fun play on drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve. However, since the recipe is alcohol-free, kids can enjoy it, too.

Mac and Cheese Bites with Bacon via Entertaining with Beth

We’ve included this recipe on the list because snacks aren’t always filling, but this recipe keeps the snacking on a roll while being a little heartier. These bites are cute, individually portioned, and easy to snack on, but they’re also rich and satisfying.

Everything Bagel Dip via Sparkles to Sprinkles

Whether you enjoy dipping chips, vegetables, or using it as a spread, we like this recipe because it strikes a balance between classic and innovative. It incorporates the popular, familiar flavors of an everything bagel into a uniquely craveable dip. And if you need to make the dip seem even more festive, you could always call the seeds “edible confetti.”

Blue Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies via Spache the Spatula

We’ve included this recipe on the list because the vibrant blue color looks so appropriate for New Year’s Eve. Not only that, but you may be going through Christmas cookie withdrawal and need the extra boost to carry you through to 2020.

Parmesan Cheddar Basil Bites via Life Love Liz

Cheesy, buttery deliciousness is always hard to resist, but the real reason we included this recipe on the list is that you can select which cookie cutters you want to use to shape these snacks. That means you can cut them into whatever festive shapes you want. You might make a star or even try forming out the numbers 2020! You’re only limited by your imagination.

Stylish Tuxedo Cheese & Crackers via Kitchen Mason

Cheese and crackers are standard party fare. A cheese board can seem like an elegant treat to celebrate the New Year. But we’ve included this recipe because it adds a special touch, transforming cheese and crackers into elegant tiny tuxedos. While putting these snacks together can be a bit time-consuming, the results are hard to resist.

Cotton Candy Cocktail via Life with Darcy & Brian

Drinks don’t need to contain alcohol to be festive! We’ve included this mocktail on the list because the whole family can enjoy it. The use of cotton candy adds a particularly fun touch.

What are your favorite snacks to serve on New Year’s Eve? Share your favorite traditions in the comments section below.

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