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Get Freebies by Writing Reviews

It’s fun to try new products, but it’s even more fun if those products are free. Writing reviews can be one of the best ways to get freebies of the latest products. Companies will provide you with free products in exchange for your reviews. You get the product, and the company gets your review. Good deal, right?

If you’re an established influencer, you probably already receive offers from companies. However, you don’t have to have tons of followers to start receiving freebies. These four programs can help you snag freebies in exchange for reviews.


Influenster is one of the most well-known companies that provides products in exchange for reviews. Influenster reviewers have already written over 38 million product reviews, and that number keeps growing. To get started, sign up on the site, download the app, complete your profile, connect your social media accounts, and start filling out surveys you receive. Having a strong social media presence may make you more likely to receive samples, so if you are fully committed to Influenster, you might want to work on getting more followers.


BzzAgent is a lot like Influenster. Simply sign up and provide some information on your interests. Then, you may be selected to try products. In exchange, you’ll be expected to post reviews on social media. If you are more active and influential, you’ll increase your chances to get more free products.


Smiley360 is another option for receiving freebies in exchange for your opinions. With Smiley360, you may be offered “Missions” (and products to review) based on your interests. However, you can turn down offers that aren’t the right fit for you. You will share your reviews on social media. The more you do on your “Mission,” the more likely you are to get additional offers down the road!

Amazon Vine Voice

Amazon Vine Voice is a little trickier than other programs because you can’t just sign up. Instead, you must be invited to join the program. So how do you snag an invite? Write helpful reviews. Amazon Vine Voice members are selected from people already writing quality reviews on the site. So if you want to join the program and get free products to review on Amazon, write as many thorough reviews as you can and cross your fingers!

Writing reviews can be satisfying. With these four programs, you can enjoy freebies just for sharing your opinions.

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