Giveaway: Win 7 of the Hottest Hasbro Toys ($275 Value!)

Enter to win a Hasbro Holiday Prize Pack! A $275 Value!

I have an AWESOME giveaway for you guys this week! One of you will win seven of the hottest Hasbro toys this year – a $275 value!

There are only seven more Saturdays before Christmas, can you believe it?! Get a head start on your holiday shopping with these HOT toys from Hasbro!

We’ve got a great collection of toys to give away that are for a variety of ages and price ranges, so there’s something for everyone!

Enter to win a Chasin' Cheeky Game and 6 other awesome Hasbro toys ($275 value)!

Chasin’ Cheeky Game

Join Elefun’s friend, the trouble-loving Chasin’ Cheeky monkey in this ring-tossin’ Chasin’ Cheeky game. In this up-and-active game, Chasin’ Cheeky will race around the room as you try to get your colored rings on his tail. Once you get all of your rings onto his tail, be the first to grab his banana and shake it with Chasin’ Cheeky to celebrate your win! Elefun and Friends games are all about unpredictable fun!

Enter to win an Elmo Junction Playset and 6 other awesome Hasbro toys ($275 value)!

Elmo Junction

Preschoolers will love zipping around Elmo Junction while hearing about the ABCs and 123s. This two-in-one vehicle set, with 10 feet of track, easily converts from train tracks into a two-level roadway and railway. It features an interactive Elmo Train that plays songs about letters and numbers along with fun phrases and sound effects. Folds and snaps closed for neat and easy storage.

Enter to win a Furreal Friends Giggly Monkey Pet and 6 other awesome Hasbro toys ($275 value)!

Furreal Friends Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey Pet

How cute!! The Cuddles My Giggly Monkey pet lets you own a pet you’ve always wanted! She’ll move her mouth when you feed her with her bottle. Change her diaper! She responds with giggles and sounds when you cuddle her or tickle her. When you swing her in the air, she knows she’s upside down and says “whee!” Rock your baby monkey at bedtime and she’ll slowly close her eyes as she starts to snooze. You’ll get all the monkey fun you can handle with the Cuddles My Giggly Monkey pet!

Enter to win a Play-Doh Princess Design-a-Dress Playset and 6 other awesome Hasbro toys ($275 value)!

Play-Doh Disney Princess Design-a-Dress Boutique Playset

Make Play-Doh dresses fit for a princess with this Design-a-Dress Boutique set. Your little fashionista will have all the tools needed to make Play-Doh dresses for Belle and Rapunzel and then add beautiful ribbons and ruffles for them. Use the dress cutters and 3 beautiful colors of Play-Doh to make dress after dress, then decorate them with ribbons and ruffles made out of softer, smoother Play-Doh Plus compound. It comes with 2 princess dolls to model the gorgeous gowns.

Enter to win a Potty Time Elmo and 6 other awesome Hasbro toys ($275 value)!

Potty Time Elmo

Is your little one potty training? Sesame Street Potty Time Elmo makes potty training so much fun! Little ones can give Elmo a drink from his sippy cup then help him use his potty! Features lots of fun phrases and a Reward Song and Accident Song. The reward chart and stickers help track a preschooler’s own potty progress.

Enter to win a Transformers Construct-Bots Megatron and 6 other awesome Hasbro toys ($275 value)!

Transformers Construct-Bots

The Transformers Construct-Bots come in pieces, and it’s up to your child to build them in one of their 2 modes! Use the 55 pieces to build your Megatron figure as a robot warrior or tank. Once he’s built in one mode, you can either convert to another mode or tear him down and build him again! Build your own Transformers adventures with this 2-in-1 Megatron figure!

Enter to win a Furby Boom and 6 other awesome Hasbro toys ($275 value)!

Furby Boom

Two generations collide with the new Furby Boom. With the free Furby Boom app, you and your Furby Boom can collect digital eggs, hatch them, and raise a city of virtual Furby Furblings. Your Furby Boom responds to you, changes personalities based on how you treat it, dances to your music, speaks Furbish and, more than anything, wants to connect with you.

One lucky winner will receive a Hasbro Holiday Prize Pack including ALL of the toys listed above! A $275 value!

Enter below for your chance to win this awesome prize pack.

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This giveaway is sponsored by Hasbro. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. My boys (6 & 9) would LOVE the Transformers Construct Bots, and my daughter (almost 3) would love just about anything else. I searched all over for a Potty Time Elmo for Christmas for her last year and never found one, so that would be AWESOME if she won it!


  2. I have twins and honestly this would be a TRUE DREAM COME TRUE FOR THEM!!!! I love your website. I hae been a viewer for the last 4 years and this is the first website I go to before I do my shopping!! THANK YOU!!!!!!


  3. My son would love to have the Transformers Construct-Bots and my daughter really wants the

    Furreal Friends Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey Pet. They been asking for these toys for a month. This is a great giveaway and love your products.


  4. Couponing101 is a quick and easy way for me to see at a glance some of the great deals out there. In my busy life, I love the convenience of that. My daughter is a “princess” and loves anything princess as well as fur real.


  5. Couponing 101 has been a great benefit to my family and I … I have been couponing one year now and has had awesome hauls. Two years since my daughter and I has been homeless, we are so blessed that now we have a stable home of our own with a mini stock pile of household items/hygiene items 🙂 couponing 101 has great leads and all kind of things to benefit from


  6. Its so funny because my daughter has every single one of these items (except the boy toys) circled in her “Toys R Us” big wish finder book she is in love with the FUR REAL Friends and anything Disney princess.


  7. I’m so happy about couponing 101 period! I’ve been getting great tips and leads on super deals, it’s been two years since I’ve been homeless and is learning how to keep my household afloat with couponing community… I love saving and take any valuable advice from experts ! I now have a mini stock pile of household items / hygiene items 🙂 I’m so relieved my daughter and I have been getting blessed from all over the community!


  8. This is so AWESOME! Thank you so much for the chance to win this! Cuddles would become SPECIAL little girl’s new best friend.


  9. My daughter Kaili (ky-lee) is 20 months (1 year, almost 2), and it is time for potty training. I didnt determine this, she did. She tells me when she has to go and what she has to do when she gets there. (“byoo-byoo” or “pee-pee”) She would love to play with Elmo and teach him how to potty since she think she knows soo much about this already. She received an Elmo potty seat cover from her aunt and now she puts it everywhere and sits on it, not just the toilet. We have only had one successful potty go – “pee-pee”. we are hoping she will be potty trained by the time she is 2 years old and her baby sister is here. (Due March 8th, 2014).


  10. I would love to win these!! About to potty train my son who absolutely loves Sesame Street and Elmo. The Potty Time Elmo would be perfect!!!


  11. I should let you know, that we have six children. So needless to say, just about anything on prize list is on at least one if not two of the pile of lists we have. My neice has a potty Elmo, and it really is adorable. Our youngest is 3, so it would be perfect!


  12. I think my daughter would love the fur real Monkey. It would be so helpful if I could win as I am a college student and a mother of 3. Good Luck to everyone.


  13. My second son is in the middle of potty training and would looooove the potty Elmo. He has been doing amazing and loves his Elmo sticker rewards so I know this would make him feel very proud of his accomplishments.
    My littles is way too young for tv but every time he hears the Cuddles the monkey commercial he looks in that direction. It’s the cutest thing!
    Finally I know my oldest would be beyond excited to get the transformers. He loves loves loves them! Building, creating, transforming. All right up his alley. <3


  14. My kids would love the Furby and the princess playdough set. I’d give the other items to a few kids I know who will have only a few gifts this year…


  15. This is such an awesome giveaway.I have 4 boys under the age of 8. The two older ones love the Transformers Construct-Bots. The younger two really like Elmo, so they would love the Elmo toy!


  16. My daughter would love to have the Play-Doh Disney Princess Design-a-Dress Boutique Playset! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! 🙂


  17. What a fun Christmas giveaway to enter! If my children were to receive these gifts for Christmas, they would be over the moon. I also know quite a few little ones who would love to receive such nice presents. Some nice family will be so excited!


  18. What a wonderful opportunity for parents to enter! Great toys, great fun, wonderful idea to put these toys into a drawing! Gotta love the Christmas spirit! Thanks.


  19. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win the amazing prizes i am not a parent but i do have siblings, cousins, and a nephew they would love to have any of the gifts shown it would bring joy to them especially the Play-Doh Disney Princess Design-a-Dress Boutique Playset for my little sister who is very creative.


  20. That is a GREAT giveaway! I am extremely new to couponing, but I love being organized and saving money! I am going through a hard period, I haven’t worked in about a year due to continuous knee surgeries with complications.. I am a single mother of a BEAUTIFUL. AMAZING little boy, michael. We are barely making ends meet.. that’s why I decided to try couponing! In hopes of having a little money to buy him a few nice gifts for christmas. He has been such a good boy this year, I HAVE to succeed for him. It is hurtful when you feel like your failing the only person in the world who truly matters. If anyone has tips for me on couponing PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share them with me! I have read alot of different blogs and tips, but knowledge is power! 🙂 have a blessed holiday season everyone!


    • My son would LOVE a furby, his personality is so bubbly and outgoing he would have alot of fun with a furby! Also we are potty time elmo would hopefully speed up the process considering michael (my son) is obsessed with sesame street! Hes a boy so he loves trains and cars aswell!! this gift giveaway has EVERY great toy for the holidays!! Stephanie, you are an amazing women and I hooe you are blessed with everything you could dream of this holiday season! You inspire me! Its all about giving and you are giving to complete strangers, you are the definition of holiday spirit!


  21. my oldest son has asked for the furby, but i know that he and my baby boy would enjoy all of the toys except the girl ones that i would just give to my cousins’ little girls 🙂


  22. I love the fur real friends monkey! My step daughter is in love with these, and it is so nice of you to be giving them away! Especially for us parents that find Christmas time really puts a dent in our pockets!


  23. I know some children who would love this variety of toys. Thanks for giving me an early heads up on what to look for while shopping.


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