Guest Post: Why Couponing is Essential for Our Family


The following is a guest post from my good friend Amy @ Amy Loves It.

I started couponing just under a year ago, and the only regret I have, is that I wish I had started sooner!  I have saved so much money shopping sales and couponing, it is incredible!

I have had several people ask me, “What is the big deal about coupons?”  Well, for me, it is not just the couponing that is a big deal; it is shopping the sales AND using coupons.  It is comparing prices and products to see that I am getting the most for my money.  It is keeping track of when products I use are at their lowest price.  And, it means reading great, valuable blogs like this one!

One comment I hear a lot is, “Couponing is too much work.”  In life, most things that are worth doing take time, work, and effort.  You have to plant the seed to get a garden. Yes, couponing does take work, but it is work that will pay off in the end!  And, it is work that gets easier the more you do it.

Another comment is, “I do not buy a lot of the items are on the coupons.”  Well, in many ways, I don’t “buy” them either; I get them FREE from shopping CVS sales (sometimes without using coupons).  The secret to shopping with coupons is to compare your brands and prices.  You need to know what you are spending, and if that generic cereal really is cheaper than purchasing name brand, on-sale, and with a coupon.  If generic is cheaper, then great!  The key is, now you know.

Couponing is not as big in my small town as it is in other places, so it sparks many interesting conversations!  I love talking about couponing with others; I am hoping it will become a ministry for me.  My friends know I am an organizing freak nut, and keeping coupons organized like I do, freaks them out!  I have learned that there is no “right” way to organize your coupons.  You organize them how you see fit; just do whatever works for you.

It was not long ago, that I organized my coupons by category (as in, baking, baby, cold, etc).  This system became a hassle for me, as I was constantly adding categories, forgetting exactly where I put certain items, and actually forgetting (gasp!) about coupons!

Stephanie (yes, Mrs. Couponing 101, herself!) mentioned that she organizes her coupons alphabetically by brand.  Wow, what a difference that made for me!  This system works incredibly well for me, and the way I think.  Does that mean that this is the right method for you?  Not necessarily.  The point is, to think about how you already organize other things, and implement that into your couponing.

One final comment I have is that anyone can coupon.  Anyone.  You just have to find what works best for you.  At the very least, I feel you should figure out what you are paying at the grocery store.  Especially in these economic times, we should be aware of where our money is going; we should know exactly what we are spending.  A way I have found that lowers our spending is through couponing and sale shopping.  As I said before, anyone can do it.  You might even find you enjoy it!

Amy is a WAHM to 3 awesome girls and the wife of a (cute!) youth pastor. She lives on coffee, loves her Jesus, and thinks that red heels go with everything. You can find her and everything she loves on her site.


  1. Since January I started clipping coupons. As of Septemeber, we have saved over $600 in coupons. This number does not include the money we’ve saved in purchasing items at their cheapest!
    Of course it is possible we could be saving more, which is why I am now pulling away from wal-mart and closer to local stores that double and triple coupons. I look forward to saving more in the next year.


  2. Great Post Amy!
    I just started seriously couponing about 2 months ago and still working out the kinks, and how to organize my coupons etc.
    But in August I saved my family hundreds of dollars simply because I started stockpiling. From here on out we will see our grocery budget decrease more and more.
    Quite a few years ago when I became a SAHM, I started clipping coupons, and after awhile I just figured it wasn’t saving us that much money. But I did NOT know how to coupon wisely. And you know the biggest reason I got back into it??? All of these AWESOME ladies who are blogging about the best deals to be found, where to get all the printable coupons, how to get great deals on sunday only paper subscriptions, organizing, planning etc. I am now an avid follower of this blog along with many other couponing blogs to help make it easier to find the great deals and to save my family money. Without these ladies who tell their readers about all the deals, I wouldn’t be saving money like I am now. So a huge THANK YOU to Couponing 101 and all the other great money saving moms for sharing with the rest of us <3

    Oh, and when you said you love talking about couponing and you are hoping it becomes a ministry for you….I think that is an AWESOME idea! Share & spread the "wealth" and knowledge!!! 🙂

    Best wishes,
    .-= Susan S´s last blog ..We are celebrating our 4th Birthday! =-.


  3. Fabulous guest post. I love couponing. I definitely save a lot of money and I for sure think it is worth my time. I still jump around on how to organize my coupons. I try to stick to what department I will find the items in and then a slot that is specifically for grocery store coupons.

    Nice reading your guest post. 🙂
    .-= Kelly B´s last blog ..Giveaway Sunday – Mini Post Today =-.


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