National Nutella Day
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Happy World Nutella Day!

What!? There’s a thing called World Nutella Day!? A whole holiday just for this incredibly, yummy alternative to peanut butter?! Not only is it delicious in crepes and on toast, it’s an amazing ingredient in cheesecakes, donuts, cookies and even smoothies. It can be pricey, but I’ve found two alternatives to buying the small containers at my local store.

The first alternative is to make it at home. This recipe via The Splendid Table is amazing and super simple. Since you’re roasting them and peeling the skin off yourself, it does take a bit of time but it’s not too difficult to do. Also, I find when I know exactly how much sugar is going into something, I tend to eat less of it, ha!

The second alternative is to RUN to your nearest Costco and buy this 6.6lb container of Nutella for only $21.99. Of course, I’m not sure exactly how one can consume that much Nutella, but hey, it’s World Nutella Day right?

Here are five of my favorite Nutella-based recipes to help you get through that 6.6lb container!

  1. S’more Crescent Rolls via Taste of Home
  2. Nutella Hot Chocolate via Cafe Delites
  3. Banana Bread with a Nutella Swirl via Spoon University
  4. Brown Sugar-Hazelnut Bars via Country Living
  5. Banana, Nutella and Salted Pistachio Pops via SmittenKitchen

Do you have any great Nutella recipes? Let me know in the comments below!

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