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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies and New Moms

Being a new mother can be physically and emotionally draining. Caring for a new child is challenging for even the best multitaskers. The right holiday gift not only shows you care, but it could also make life easier for mother and baby and/or be treasured for years to come! This gift guide will share some of our favorite products that new mothers may enjoy.

Products to Help Mom Relax

Most new mothers are sleep deprived. This exhaustion may make it difficult for the new mother to enjoy quality time with her infant as fully as she would like. Relaxation products can help a new mother decompress and maybe even renew her energy. Here are a few relaxation products we think may appeal to new mothers:

  • MIGHTY BLISS Large Electric Heating Pad – While it is best for new mothers to talk to their doctors for advice on pain relief, many people enjoy heating pads. This heating pad is particularly large, so it may also feel cozy when it is cold out.
  • Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager – Finding time for a massage can be exceptionally difficult for new mothers. A massager like this can provide a massage on her schedule.

Gifts to Help Care for Baby

Caring for a baby is far from easy, but some products can make it a little easier. We think these products could be super convenient for new moms:

  • Fleece Zip-Up Maternity Baby Carrier Hoodie – Many parents find it convenient to carry their baby in a sling or carrier. This jacket is designed to fit over front baby slings and carriers, keeping the mother and baby warmer. When the child grows too big for a sling or carrier, the front panel is removable so the mother can continue wearing it.
  • My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow – This breastfeeding pillow is designed to provide support and comfort for both the baby and mother.

Time-Saving Products

Caring for a baby is time-consuming, so new mothers often appreciate anything that can shave even a few minutes off their standard routines. We think new moms might appreciate these gems:

Sentimental Gifts

Having a baby is one of the most significant moments in any parent’s life. As the child grows older, sentimental gifts can become treasured reminders of when the child was just a baby. These sentimental products make us a little weepy:

What are your favorite holiday gifts to give new mothers and babies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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