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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Bosses and Coworkers

Even though you spend countless hours with your boss and coworkers, it can be difficult to select gifts that come across as both caring and professional. While you want your boss and/or coworkers to enjoy the gifts you give them, you probably also want your selections to reflect well on you. If you have no idea what to give, don’t fret! Our holiday gift guide will give you a few ideas.

Office Decor

The right office decor can make the space feel more welcoming. Your boss and coworkers may appreciate small decor pieces they can use to customize their work areas. We like these choices:

Comfort Items

Working can be physically draining. Comfort items that the recipient can use in the office may help them recharge. We think these items would make great gifts:

Functional Products

Some gifts may help your boss or coworkers do their jobs more efficiently and/or more comfortably. Giving someone a functional gift may not be the most personal option possible, but it can be incredibly useful. Here are some ideas we think could come in handy:

Interest-Based Gifts

If you’ve known your boss or coworkers longer, you might want to give them something more personal based on their interests. While it is important to make sure any personal gift is appropriate for a professional setting, basing a gift on their interests can show you’ve been listening during your water cooler chats. We think these items can accommodate many people’s interests:

  • Scratch Off Map of the World – This map might be a fun gift for the boss or coworkers who love to talk about their latest adventures.
  • Coffee Variety Pack Sampler – We all know someone who can barely function without a cup of coffee. If your boss or coworker spends a lot of time at the office Keurig, this sampler pack might be a fun way to try some different options.

Do you give your boss and coworkers gifts during the holidays? If so, what? Share your favorite ideas in the comments section below!

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