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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Elderly

Shopping for loved ones can be tricky. When that loved one has enjoyed a long life to accumulate prized possessions, the task becomes even harder. What can you get them that they don’t already have? And what can you get them that won’t just become extra work if they decide to downsize? Our holiday gift guide will help you come up with ideas for unique items that your elderly loved ones are sure to enjoy.

Items to Soothe Aches and Pain

Many elderly people suffer from aches and pains, so they may enjoy gifts designed to relieve what ails them. The best gift may depend on what hurts and what underlying issue is creating the pain. However, many people enjoy products that can be heated or chilled, like the following:

Convenient Items

As people age, daily tasks tend to take more and more effort. Items designed for convenience can help make those tasks a little easier again. We think many elderly people would appreciate these finds:

  • iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi – While it has a higher price point than most gifts on this list, a Roomba may be a great solution for a person who wants clean floors but can’t vacuum like they used to.
  • Echo Show 5 – The Echo Show is voice-controlled, making it easy for the recipient to ask questions, enjoy entertainment, and connect with loved ones through Skype.

Gifts to Keep Them at Their Best

Without the right maintenance, it can be easy to fall into disrepair. While This is true for all people, the effects may be more pronounced in the elderly. The following gifts are designed to promote physical and mental well-being, so we think they’d make great gifts:

What is the best gift you’ve given an elderly loved one? Let us know in the comments section below!

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