December 10, 2018

How To Get More Swagbucks

Feb 19, 2010

Search & Win

If you are loving Swagbucks as much as I am, then you are likely looking for a way to earn even more Swagbucks! I mean, the 1-2 a day I earn from searching is great, but I am always on the lookout for ways to earn even more!

If you aren’t using Swagbucks (and may I ask why not?), here is a quick recap:  Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google and Whenever you search on Swagbucks, you have the chance to win points (aka Swagbucks) that you can redeem for prizes and gift cards. You can easily earn enough points to get a $5 Amazon gift card every month if you do regular searches!

Here are a few tips to help build up your Swagbucks:

1. Search on Friday. It is good to do a search every day, but Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day! That means, your chances of winning the higher value “Mega Bills” are even higher. You could win up to 50 Swagbucks in a single search!

2. Install the Toolbar. The Swagbucks toolbar is just like a Yahoo or Google toolbar, and goes at the top of your browser. The toolbar makes it more convenient to seach, eliminating your need to visit the Swagbucks website. You will also occasionally get Free Swagbuck Codes via the toolbar! Check the little message icon on the toolbar daily because the Free Codes are usually only good for a few hours.

3. Tell your Friends. If you are loving Swagbucks, then you are probably telling your friends already, so why not get some Free Swagbucks for it? Go to the Swagbucks home page and click “Promote” at the top. You have the option to email your friends, post a banner or widget on your website, or connect with your Facebook account. When your friend signs up using your unique referral link, you will earn a Swagbuck each time they win a Swagbuck.

4. Modify your Search. If I do a search and don’t win a Swagbuck, I will change my search term slightly to see if I win. Example: I search for “Coupons” and win nothing, so I add the word “Printable” to make it “Printable Coupons” or “Coupons Printable” (either way) and search again. For some reason, I usually win a Swagbuck by doing this!

5. Search for Images or Video. This works about the same as modifying your search (above). After you search “Printable Coupons” and don’t win, click on “Images” or “Video” at the top of the page to see if you can win a Swagbuck that way.

6. Search Daily. This is the most obvious, yet it is the one I always forget!  Searching daily builds Swagbucks faster than any other method. Those 1-2 Swagbucks per day add up quickly! If you can’t think of anything to search for, search for something you already know. For example, instead of typing “” in your address bar to come to my site, you could type it in on Swagbucks. You will still get to my site, just with a small detour and a chance to win a Swagbuck!

I hope some of these tips will help you earn more Swagbucks! Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite prize on Swagbucks?


  1. Do you have any info on the special swagbuck codes-I’ve been trying to read up about it but don’t quite get it. Thanks for this info.

    • @Dawn, When you go to your Swagbucks account, on the right-hand side it says “Hello, you have XX Swagbucks. Under that is a place to enter a Swagcode. When you find a Swagbucks Code (it will be either a word or letters/numbers mix), you copy the code and paste it into that spot and click “Gimme” to have your account credited with a Swagbuck. The Swagcodes are found in a variety of places – I follow Swagbucks on Twitter and Facebook and also check my toolbar regularly for swagcodes.

  2. okay… I am late on doing this but just finally signed up. Really hoping I can make some money if even just for Christmas cash! 🙂

  3. I love swagbucks and have earned 5 $5.00 amazon gift cards. It’s so easy and just as effective as google. But, you earn points on swagbucks.
    My question to anyone is: how long are the gift cards good for?

  4. I love the $5 gift cards from Amazon! I just save them up and get free books!

  5. Two huge tips:
    Download the toolbar, that way it’s always up there, ready and waiting.
    Even if you know the “address” where you are going, type it in the toolbar anyways and you may get bonus points that way. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve accumulated an extra 400 points this way.

  6. Heather says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Unfortunately coupons and many of the special offers are not available in Canada. I wish they would figure out how to make them available. It is very frustrating to click on a special offer to get a message that says it is not available in your area or it is no longer available. I have written to swagbucks staff about it but haven’t gotten a reply yet!

    I have noticed that I get more swagbucks by using different search engines. As soon as I earn swagbucks doing one search I switch to another search engine and earn more!

    I am always finding swagcodes but expiry time has elapsed earlier than stated! So although I have been on swagbucks for over a month , I have yet to earn a single swagcode! I have earned about 2500 swagbucks so far but don’t know if this is good, bad or inbetween. What is the average number earned a day by most people?

  7. I just got started today and in the last hour have earned 70 swagbucks… but I still don’t really understand it. How much in amazon gc does that equal? and how do I redeem

    • @Megan, Megan it takes 450 swagbucks to get one $5 Amazon gift card. But it adds up quicker than you think. I buy a giftcard every time I reach 450 and am now working on my 6th one so that will be $30 total so far. They don’t expire.

  8. Great tips! I’ve only been on Swagbucks for about a month, and I’m already mildly obsessed. It’s a little addictive! I have a few other ways earn easy SB that I wanted to add to your list. First, I answer the daily poll each day. This gives me an easy 1 SB. I also get an super easy SB just by clicking on the Trusted Surveys button — even if I don’t complete any surveys. Another tip is to complete the ‘profile’ surveys under the Trusted Surveys. They take a little time, but you can earn 5-10SB for them. And finally, you mentioned changing your search by a word to get an extra chance to win. You can also try using your internet browser’s ‘back’ button to return to your search after you visit a site. I’ve gotten points by doing this too.

  9. How many times a day can you earn SB by just searching? Once I win SB once, it seems that I don’t win anymore that day.

    Also, I notice some folks win high-value SB (like 50), whereas I normally am getting between 7 to 11. Is there a trick to get the high-value ones?

  10. I really need to ask you an important question, Please reply. I downloaded the toolbar but where are the swagcodes? Where do you find them?

  11. this is the best site for earning that i have found so far, i can easily make 100 swagbucks a day usually more if i have more time. In only 4 days i have made enough for a 5$ amazon giftcard. i love this site.

  12. i think fantage must make all the fantage players member

  13. when they(swagbucks) put a swag bucks code on twitter or facebook, is it good only for 1 person?

  14. I always sit with my laptop while I watch tv and every commercial I “swag search” that brand and/or the specific item the ad mentions and I keep doing that until my show comes back on. Just an easy mindless way to search. Even in my shows, if they mention something worth “swag searching” I’ll do it.

  15. I CAN just use swagbucks to save money, right? like for college classes or something.. or to save up for a car? Does the amazon also work on getting your groceries?

  16. I been swagbucking for about 3 years now.
    I recieve the 5 amazon gift cards each month and then use them for christmas or birthday gifts.
    Thats a extra $300.00 in the year!
    I do the searches,
    daily poll,
    now they have the daily goal
    Then theres the surveys,
    and the tasks (not so good at them)
    special offers, videos,
    50 birthday bucks you recieve a email in your signed up email click on that and you are 50 swagbucks richer!
    I print alot of the printable coupons and use them and I do not get credit for all of them.
    would you know why this happens?
    Referals can not get no one will sign up. I wish they would 🙂
    Did I miss anything?
    Love their facebook page it is always fun!
    hope this sums it up for u now get swaggin’ 🙂

  17. Amanda-Beth says:

    Fyi if you work on it you can get 5 $5 amazon gift cards in a month maybe more I had enough for a 6th at end of month 2 days before month ended but they have limit on 5 of any prize in given month. Its possible to earn a lot thru them.

  18. You know, if you do the surveys you can get way more swagbucks. I’ve earned $375 worth of Amazon gift cards since Oct 27th 2012. I try not to quit until I have at least 250 SB for that day. I never get a lot through searches. 15 – 20 max. That’s why I stick with the surveys

  19. I’m not sure exactly which phones have it, but I downloaded the swagbucks T.V. app on my Iphone 4s and I let it “watch” the videos over night while im sleeping and my phone is hooked up to the charger. It plays through the videos earning points along the way. There is a cut off limit after a few hours but hey… free swagbucks while you sleep!!! 🙂

  20. Does anyone do the tasks? Are they worth it?


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