How to Organize Coupons: The Day Planner Method

Melissa shared the following coupon organization method:

I use an old day planner/portfolio that my husband had for work.  I was able to attach a handle from a camera bag for easy transport.  I use the inside pocket for department store q’s, restaurant q’s and the current grocery store sales ads.  I have a pencil bag that I picked up on clearance last year after the back to school sales.  I use it to hold a pen, small scissors and any large coupons that won’t fit into my card holder sheets.  If I have a planned trip I will also store the corresponding coupons in it for easy access.  There are business card holders that are great for credit cards and loyalty cards when you want to keep it down to one bag, no purse.

Behind the pencil bag I have page protectors that contain store coupon policies, uncut coupon inserts and any Groupons I may have.  I then have a coupon page (I currently use the 9 count baseball card protectors but intend to order other sizes off of Amazon soon) that contains any q’s for free items or those soon to expire that I don’t want to forget about.  Behind that is a page of store q’s (Walgreens, etc..).  I have my regular q’s divided into categories that make sense to me (very important) using tabbed dividers.

I use a clear plastic check organizer when actually cutting out a large number of q’s.  It is labeled the same as my big binder for easy transfer and makes the initial sorting much faster.  It is also convenient for those times that I only have time to cut the q’s but not to place them in the holders in the large binder.  It fits easily into the binder, which zips completely shut.   I have triplet three year old boys and time is not something I have alot of.

Thanks so much for sharing, Melissa!

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