How to Organize Coupons: The Hybrid Method

Good Deal Mama shared the following coupon organization method:

[The Hybrid Method] is a way of organizing your coupons into two groups: cut coupons you know you will use and whole inserts for the rest.

So this is my personal Coupon Binder, I got it on clearance recently at Walmart for just $5. I believe it is made for scrapbooking but always be on the look out in the clearance or sale sections for items you can use for other things!

I then put baseball card holders in the front with plastic tab dividers in between. The plastic tabs have different categories on them. Produce, Cereal, Snacks, Frozen, etc.

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Thanks so much for sharing, Good Deal Mama!

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  1. I use a 4×6 index card box with dividers to separate frozen, cleaning, etc. It’s more compact and easier to haul around than a binder and all my coupons are still easily accessed. I guess it wouldn’t work for the hybrid method of not cutting out all coupons though.


  2. Mary, You can contact your local armory and ask about community support groups. Either their Family Readiness Group can ship them or someone in the community can do it for you. Just please offer to pay for shipping once in a while. They probably would not ask for help, but it would be appreciated.


  3. I love this method!I currently use binder method which is great, but some weeks feel like I wasted time cutting all the coupons (some I just dont need at times) I think I will try this! thanks for the awesome tip!


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