December 17, 2018

How to Organize Coupons: The Mega Coupon Bag

Sep 14, 2011

Melissa shared the following coupon organization method:

I recently purchased a new coupon organizer. About 4 weeks ago it arrived in the mail and I am a very happy girl! Was the binder system hyper organized, yes. Was the binder system too cumbersome and heavy to get used on a regular basis – yes and yes! So I did a little SWOT analysis on my coupon organizing system and came up with this: I need something that lets me organize by section, something that doesn’t weigh more than my dog AND something that is a little less embarrassing to carry into the store with me.

And this, my friends, brings me to my new friend: The MEGA coupon organizer. I bought this from a woman (Deb) on

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Thanks so much for sharing, Melissa!

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