Jingit: Earn Extra Cash for Watching Ads and Taking Short Surveys!


I’ve been a little slow to jump on the Jingit bandwagon, but I’m so glad I finally did! It’s such a quick and easy way to earn a little extra cash!

How to Join

1. Sign up with Jingit by connecting your Facebook account.

2. Verify your info and include your mobile phone number.

3. They will text you a verification code that you will have to enter on the website (to verify that you’re a real person).

That’s it! It only takes about 30 seconds.

How to Earn

You can quickly and easily earn money with Jingit by watching ads. Most ads are just a few seconds long, so it doesn’t take long at all. When each ad is finished playing, you’ll need to answer a few short questions. Most ads will earn you around 10¢ – 20¢.

If you have a smartphone, you can check-in at Walmart, and scan items at the store with the free Jingit app. If you’re going to be at Walmart anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to take a couple of minutes to complete the tasks.

How to Get Your Money

There are two ways to use your earnings. You can use your earnings to buy music at music.me or you can get a Jingit Visa Debit Card.

You have to apply for a Jingit Visa Debit Card, and then your card will be mailed to you within 3 weeks. Once you receive your card, you just need to activate it and add the cash from your Jingit account. Then you can use it like a regular debit card! Note that it does cost $3 of your Jingit earnings to pay for the debit card.

What to Expect

You start out with a $5 weekly earn limit when you first join, but you can invite your friends to join to increase your earning limit. Your earn limit will increase $0.25 for every friend that joins Jingit through your Facebook wall post or invite.

While you can eventually earn up to $15 per week, most people can expect to earn around $3 – $5 per week. You won’t get rich with Jingit, but those few extra dollars a month can be helpful. Especially since you’re only spending a couple of minutes per day!

I also expect to see more earning opportunities in the future from Jingit. They are relatively new and growing, so I think there is a lot of potential for earning more in the future.

What about you? Have you been earning with Jingit?

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