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8 Fun Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids

Holidays are the perfect excuse to make your family’s food extra fun. While Valentine’s Day may not be the biggest holiday of the year, it offers a wealth of opportunities to give meals a festive touch. You may already have your own creative ideas for what to serve your kids on Valentine’s Day, but if you need a little extra inspiration, check out these eight delightful recipes.

Heart-Shaped Granola Bites via 360 Family Nutrition

Looking for an incredibly easy sweet treat? This recipe fits the bill! We’ve included it on our list because it calls for just four ingredients and doesn’t require any baking. Plus, they’re free from gluten and refined sugars.

Healthy Strawberry Milkshake via My Kids Lick the Bowl

A pretty pink milkshake looks perfectly appealing anytime, but it has a special allure on Valentine’s Day. We love this recipe because it is an indulgent treat with a healthy twist, incorporating cashews, strawberries, and dates. The recipe can also be made vegan by using your favorite non-dairy milk.

Easy Heart Shape Pizza via Growing Up Gabel

For many people, “pizza” and “love” are pretty much synonymous, so it seems like an appropriate meal to serve on Valentine’s Day. But the real reason we’ve included this recipe on the list is that it produces cute, heart-shaped pizzas, and we think kids would enjoy helping select their own toppings.

Quick & Easy Heart Shaped Quesadillas via M is for Monster

Life is hectic, which is why we’ve included this recipe on the list. It comes together in just minutes, so it is a good solution if you want a festive main dish but don’t have much time.

Heart-Shaped Roasted Potatoes via MomDot

One side dish can transform the look of a meal, which is why we like this dish. It is a fairly traditional roasted potato recipe, but the potatoes are cut into heart shapes. We think this would make any meal look festive, regardless of the entree!

Love Bread Sticks and Homemade Marinara Sauce via Cook & Craft Me Crazy

Breadsticks and marinara sauce can be delicious as a side dish or a snack. We like this heart-shaped version because it would look so appealing on a tray or in a basket, and the vibrant red marinara sauce further amplifies the Valentine’s Day vibes. Want to make it even more festive? You could also make some pink sauce by mixing marinara and alfredo sauce.

Cupid’s Arrow via Our Wabi Sabi Life

We’ve included this dish for everyone scrambling for a last-minute treat. It’s really more of assembling the treats rather than making them from a recipe, so your kids might even be able to pitch in. While it’s super easy, the results are also very festive.

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies via Baking a Moment

Ready for your sweet Valentine’s treat? We think this recipe is a great option because the vibrant red cookie is appealing on its own, but it also opens itself up to so many decorating options. And guess what? The cookies are freezable, so you can make them ahead of time!

What are your favorite foods to serve your family on Valentine’s Day? Share your traditions in the comments section below.

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