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8 Fun Ideas for Last-Minute Saturday Night Adventures

If you’re anything like me, the weekends often sneak up on you and you haven’t planned anything fun to blow off steam from the busy week. If you find yourself waking up Saturday morning wishing you had something fun to do tonight, bookmark this page!

Here are eight ideas for a uniquely fun Saturday night with hardly any preparation:

  • Night Hike. Take your friends or significant other out for a nice night hike. Enjoy the last of the beautiful weather before winter rolls in by finding a lit pathway in a park or touring your neighborhood. Enjoy the outdoors and each other! 
  • Geocaching. If you’ve never been geocaching, you’re missing out! It’s a simple app download that provides a great last-minute (or planned) adventure. Check this website out for more information on geocaching. 
  • Stargaze. This might sound silly, but really, stargazing will probably be one of your greatest Saturday night adventures. If possible, try to do this as far away from the city as possible so you can see more stars. Look for the constellations, see if you can actually see part of the Milky Way, or make a wish on a shooting star. Kick it up a notch and try to learn a little about astronomy while you’re out there. 
  • Make a Backyard Bonfire. I say bonfire, but make sure it’s safe! Sometimes hanging with friends around a fire is all it takes for your adventure. Tell spooky stories, have s’mores, and enjoy the company you keep!
  • Backyard Camping. Almost everyone has a tent lying around, why not combine stargazing and the backyard bonfire with a tent and make it a campout!
  • Host a Themed Night. Call up your friends and host a themed party! This doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds (or as Pinterest makes it). Have everyone bring their favorite games for a board game tournament, get dolled up for a classic movie marathon, or just enjoy a simple wine and cheese night.
  • Just Drive. Hop in the car, queue up your favorite tunes, and just drive. Explore your own town, taking the time to appreciate things you normally just whiz by, or drive out a little further and see something new. If you go to a new town, stop into a local diner or ice cream shop!
  • Attend a Free Local Event. If you want to get out into the mix, find a free event happening near you and just go! Even if it’s not your usual type of event, you might find yourself having a great time. Here are some tips for finding free things to do.

These are just a few affordable things that you can do to keep an adventurous Saturday night even if you haven’t planned ahead! 

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