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Today’s Top Macy’s Deals on Women’s Fashion

This one’s for my ladies. A new year means a wardrobe refresh, right?! This weekend, Macy’s is running a ton of can’t-miss deals on winter clothing and accessories.

I’ve rounded up my favorites from Macy’s current deals on women’s clothing. I hope you love them as much as I do! Act fast though, these sales end tomorrow, 1/19.

  • Karen Scott Sweaters as low as $12.99. Depending on where you live, sweaters might be the only thing hanging in your closet right now. So if you find yourself running low on cute sweaters to wear when laundry day rolls around, you’ll want to check out this deal on Karen Scott sweaters. They’re classy, cozy and right now, super affordable!
  • Cejon Woven Scarves up to 50% off. My favorite part about scarves — besides how warm they are — is that they instantly dress up an outfit. I can be in old jeans and a $5 t-shirt from Old Navy, and with the right scarf, I’m chic and ready to go! But as much as I love them, it’s always been difficult for me to splurge on something so small, so I’m always on the lookout for scarf sales!
  • Winter Accessory Gift Sets $39.99 (50% off). If you’re not sure how to pair winter accessories, or if you’re looking for a birthday gift for a girlfriend, these are a great option. I love when department stores do the styling for you!
  • Style & CO Winter Boots $35 off. The last part of building a warm winter outfit is of course… the shoes! A good pair of boots will keep you warm even in the coldest climates, so don’t skimp on the quality here. You’ll end up replacing a cheap pair of boots sooner than you’d use up the value of a higher-quality pair. And right now, higher-quality doesn’t have to mean costly!
  • Select Bras $15. So these aren’t exactly winter-specific, but $15 for a bra?! Yes please.

Those are the deals I’ll be looking at this weekend! If you snag any great deals at Macy’s today, share your haul in the comments!


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