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7 Places to Buy Cloth Face Masks

As stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, the CDC continues to recommend wearing cloth face coverings to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Because of this recommendation, some businesses now require customers to wear masks. Crafty folks may have already put together their own DIY masks, but if you don’t have a magical touch with fabric, you can also buy a reusable cloth mask.

More and more companies are selling face masks to accommodate different tastes. Due to the overwhelming demand, there may be shipping delays, so you may need to keep using your DIY mask for the time being. You should also note that cloth masks are generally not surgical or industrial grade. Instead, these masks are designed to be used in everyday life, like on your trips to the grocery store.

While many websites now sell face masks, here are seven of our favorite options.


Independent artisans are cranking out face masks to sell on Etsy. There are so many different style options that most shoppers should be able to find a mask that they think is cute and comfortable. Plus, buying from Etsy can help out independent vendors.


Ordinarily, Avocado focuses on producing eco-friendly mattresses and bedding. In light of the pandemic, it also now sells face masks. These masks are constructed of organic cotton and use tie straps instead of elastic. They come in packs of four, which cost $30 per pack.


Gryphon is known for its high-quality sheets. Right now, it’s selling face masks by an affiliated brand, Martex. These are some of the most affordably-priced cloth masks we’ve found, costing just $29.99 for a pack of 10. They come in two sizes and three colors. The masks also feature proprietary SILVERbac antimicrobial technology engineered to inhibit bacterial growth on the fabric.


Want to look cute even with your face covered? Disney’s face masks feature adorable Disney characters. A pack of four masks costs $19.99. They come in small, medium, and large.

Christy Dawn

If you’re fashion savvy, you might prefer masks that will look good with your clothing. Christy Dawn’s face masks can fit the bill. This women’s clothing company is selling masks in packs of five. Each pack costs between $30 and $50. They have several different options, including florals, plaids, and solids.

Los Angeles Apparel

Clothing manufacturer Los Angeles Apparel has lots of different options when it comes to face masks. You can select between a wide array of colors, choose between a pack of three or four, and buy either children’s size or standard. Packs of three cost $30, while packs of four cost $40.


VIDA sells home goods, apparel, and accessories. Their face masks have an integrated metal nose piece to help the mask fit more snugly. They also have filters, which should be replaced every seven days. You can buy individual masks for $10, packs of two masks for $18, and packs of four masks for $36.

Prices are subject to change and quantities may be limited.

Remember to follow CDC guidelines. The CDC does not recommend using a face mask on children under two, individuals who have difficulty breathing, and those who would not be able to remove their mask.

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