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10 Popular Themes for Kids’ Birthday Parties in 2020

You want your child’s birthday party to be fun and memorable. A strong theme can add to the enjoyment and make the party seem more cohesive. But with so many themes to choose from, where do you even start? This year, we’ve noticed 10 themes seem to be exceptionally popular. These options might be a good place to start when planning your child’s party, but don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine through!


Space is an out-of-this-world party theme, so it’s no wonder why it’s so popular. Not only does it lend well to visually appealing decorations, but you can also incorporate STEM activities to engage kids’ minds. You can take this theme in so many directions, whether it’s galaxy theming, star decor, or even incorporating “Star Wars” elements.


Forest-themed parties seem to have really taken off in the last few months. A forest-themed party offers plenty of potential elements to play off of, including trees, acorns, pinecones, and cute creatures. For a more enchanted forest feel, you might also include toadstools and/or gnomes.


A safari theme can give the party an adventurous vibe while also providing ample opportunities for excellent visual elements, like animals and plants. If your child is a fan of “The Lion King,” you could also take the safari theme in a more Disney-oriented direction.


Carnivals are chock-full of fun! Planning a carnival-themed birthday party creates so many opportunities for party games, like bean bag tosses and ring tosses. Themed food options are also pretty straight forward since carnival foods like popcorn and cotton candy seem like a natural fit.


Donuts are delicious, but they can also make for a fun party theme. Colorful, donut-themed decor looks appropriate for a children’s party. And obviously, you’d be remiss not to serve donuts at the event! If a few donuts happen to wind up on your plate, so be it!


Rawr! Kids have been drawn to dinosaurs for generations. A dinosaur-themed party could easily be infused with some dino education. But even if you want to skip the educational component, dinosaur theming lends well to tons of fun ideas.

“Baby Shark”

While “Baby Shark” first went viral a few years ago, the overwhelming popularity of the smash-hit song is still readily apparent. Many children’s parties use “Baby Shark” theming, and it’s not too hard to do! Anything ocean-related fits in well.


“Frozen 2” broke box office records, so it looks like “Frozen”-theming has cemented its place in children’s parties. And it’s so convenient! You can use a lot of winter-themed decor items you might already have on hand, like snowflake ornaments, snowglobes, fake snow, and more. Light blue and white hues round out the look.


Llama theming has really stepped up its game in recent years. Similar to the more traditional unicorn-themed parties, llama parties incorporate images of the creature extensively. While llama parties haven’t replaced unicorn parties, they seem to be taking over some of their popularity.


Mermaid parties have been popular for a long time, and we don’t expect this to end anytime soon! The theming is convenient since you can focus largely on ocean-related theming. Plus, the water element makes a mermaid theme especially fitting for a pool party.

Of all the children’s birthday parties you’ve been to, which theme did you enjoy the most? Share your favorites in our comments section below!

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