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8 Recipes for a “Frozen 2” Viewing Party

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, Disney+ added “Frozen 2” to its streaming service early. Whether you already subscribe or are ready to join to infuse your self-isolation with a little more entertainment, “Frozen 2” can be a fun treat for the whole family. But to take the experience to the next level, you could turn movie night into a themed party! Even if you’ve already watched “Frozen 2” more times than you can count, these eight recipes could turn your next viewing into a memorable event.

Since you might not be ready to make a run to the grocery store, we’ve tried to focus on recipes that use ingredients you may already have in the house. If you don’t have the right ingredients, you can also use these recipes as inspiration for your own creative ideas.

Edible Glass Candy via Lasso the Moon

We’ve included this recipe because these shards of edible glass look like they could have shot out of Elsa’s magical hands. Plus, they contain very few ingredients. While blue food coloring can make the treat look more festive, you can easily omit it.

Melting Snowman Meringues via The Decorated Cookie

If you have egg whites, sugar, and cream of tartar, you can make meringues! No “Frozen 2”-themed party would be complete without a nod to everyone’s favorite snowman, which is why we like this recipe.

Kristoff Ice Blocks Jello Jigglers via Ashlee Marie

These blocks look so much like the ice Kristoff harvests. But we really love them because the recipe is relatively flexible. If you don’t have blue juice, you might try something light in color, like white grape juice. You could also do something similar with a pack of blue jello.

Disney “Frozen” Ombre Rice Krispie Treats via Two Sisters Crafting

This recipe makes the cut because these treats look so pretty and festive. And with just four ingredients that you may already have, it isn’t too hard to make. Plus, who can resist Rice Krispie treats?

Sven Granola Bars via Divine Lifestyle

While this recipe is a little more complicated than some on this list, it’s so cute that we couldn’t resist including it. If you’re crafty and have the right supplies on hand, these bars could be the star of your party.

Easy Peanut Butter and Jelly Tea Sandwiches via Oh, How Civilized

If you’re a family that finishes each other’s sandwiches, these cute peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches might be right for you. We like that they use common ingredients and you can adjust the fillings based on what’s in your house. Plus, if you have a snowflake cookie cutter on hand, you can make them look even more festive.

Easy Kool-Aid Sherbet via Butter with a Side of Bread

Want to give your family a homemade frozen treat while they watch “Frozen 2”? We selected this recipe because it uses Kool-Aid as the key ingredient. If you have blue Kool-Aid, you can make a sherbet that looks like it came straight out of Arendelle.

Star Bread via Sally’s Baking Addiction

This may be called “star bread,” but it looks enough like a snowflake that it would fit right into a “Frozen 2” party. We like it because you can adjust the fillings based on your preferences and pantry stock.

These eight recipes are so fun, but your creativity can also take your viewing party into the unknown. If you can’t come up with themed food with the ingredients you have on hand, you could also just pull something out of the freezer and call it good.

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