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Savings Tip: Use Reusable Packages for School Lunches

The new school year is upon us. If you’re packing lunches for your child or children, you may have already figured out budget-friendly items to include. However, there’s one cost you may have forgotten to put in your school lunch budget: packaging materials.

The cost of packaging supplies can really add up. Between paper bags to pack the lunch, plastic bags and plastic wrap to hold sandwiches and snacks, and plastic forks and spoons for convenient eating, the cost of packing a lunch can snowball without you even noticing.

Sandwich bags alone can get costly. Depending on how good of a deal you get, sandwich bags may cost you between $.02 and $.06 per bag. While this may seem like a nominal price, when you’re using them five days a week for several years, the cost seems more significant. This is especially true if you use multiple bags per lunch or have several children.

Rather than spending money to buy new packaging materials as you go along, you might ultimately save money by investing in reusable products now. Many reusable products can last for years, saving you money and preventing unnecessary waste. Here are some ideas for products that may help you save money when packing your child’s lunch.

Lunch Box Sets
Lunch box sets contain multiple components designed to fit well together. They often contain both a lunch box/sack and additional internal containers to organize the food. You might check out options like Zak Designs Soft Lines Insulated Lunch Bag, Two Compartment Bento Box, and Water Bottle Set, which is both cute and convenient.

Bento Boxes
Bento boxes feature multiple compartments, allowing you to pack all of your child’s lunch items together without resorting to using disposable packaging materials. Bentgo Kids Brights Tray features five compartments and a snap-on lid, making it easy to pack and toss in your child’s backpack.

Reusable Bags
If sandwich bags are the foundation of your packing strategy, you might consider using reusable bags instead. Reusable sandwich bags are a lot like the disposable bags you’re familiar with. However, rather than throwing them away at the end of the day, you can wash them and use them again. Plus, options like the Langsprit Premium Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags set are dishwasher safe and feature fun prints.

Using reusable products to pack your child’s lunch can help you save money and the environment. And with so many cute options, all the other parents may wonder where you got such adorable, functional products!

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