SavingStar: Digital Grocery eCoupons

SavingStar is a new digital grocery eCoupon service! These coupons are paperless, so you don’t have to clip or organize anything (I like the sound of that!). The eCoupons can be redeemed at over 24,000 grocery and drug stores nationwide.

These coupons are a little unusual though because you do not get the savings instantly at checkout. The coupon amount is put into your SavingStar account and can be redeemed for cash or gift cards!

Here’s how SavingStar works:

  • Select the eCoupons you like on the website or mobile app, and they are automatically linked to your store card.
  • Use your card when you checkout and the money is added to your SavingStar account. The savings don’t change your bill at the register and the savings are not printed on the receipt. Instead, they get deposited into your account within 7-30 days, depending upon where you shop.
  • Once your SavingStar account reaches $5 in savings, you can pick your payout from a bank account deposit, a PayPal account deposit, an Amazon gift card, or a donation to charity. More options to come!

Even though the savings is not deducted at the register, you CANNOT use another coupon of any kind in addition to the SavingStar eCoupon. I recommend only adding the coupons that you’re sure you do not have a regular coupon for, or if they are a higher value than the coupons you do have.

Head over to SavingStar to register your store loyalty card and start saving!


  1. I too have also used paper coupons and savingstar coupons together and received credit in my account. I got the $3 for buying Huggies Snug &Dry and a pack of wipes. They had a great sale at Kroger in which i used my $3 off Huggies diaper q from Facebook and several $.50 off Huggies wipes q’s.


  2. I bought one of the Digiorno pizza and breadsticks combo, used the $2 coupon from facebook and I still got the $1 deposit in my account. I’ve purchased other things with coupons and still got the credit.


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