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Save Money and Time with the SnipSnap Coupon App

If you’re a serious couponer, this app is going to majorly change your couponing game. Not only will SnipSnap cut your cutting time in half, it will also give you in-store reminders, expiration date alerts, store success ratings, and a database of coupons that you may not have found otherwise. You can also follow your fellow couponing friends on it for extra fun!

Gather up all your coupon inserts and download the new SnipSnap Coupon App available for Apple and Android. Simply open the app and take a picture of any printed offer and SnipSnap converts all the text, images, and barcodes into a mobile offer that you can just show the cashier on checkout and redeem off your phone screen.

SnipSnap works at most retail, restaurants, and local businesses. Manufacturer coupons that are redeemed at grocery stores are not supported.

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