All About the New Starbucks Rewards Program

Starbucks changed their rewards program (again) this week, and here’s what you need to know:

No more levels!

Before this change, there were two levels of membership: green and gold. Green members’ rewards points (called stars) went toward getting them into the gold level. Once you made it to gold, your stars could actually be redeemed for free food, drinks and merchandise.

Now there is just one level of membership, so as soon as you sign up for a free account, any stars you earn can be used for a future reward item.

If you were previously a green member working your way toward gold, your stars probably disappeared this week, but that’s actually a good thing! It’s basically as like you got to skip ahead to the gold level, since your stars would have reset to zero at that point under the old system.

How to Earn Stars

Every time you pay using a registered gift card or the Starbucks app, you’ll collect 2 stars for every dollar spent.

If you download the app — which you definitely should, it’s so convenient! — you can also earn Bonus Stars by playing phone games, watching short ad videos, or buying certain items during certain bonus periods.

And be sure to watch your email, social media or the app for Double Star Day! On these days, you’ll get twice the number of stars on any purchase made.

How to Redeem Stars

Turning your stars into free stuff is really simple! All you have to do is pay with the Starbucks app and let the cashier know that you’d like to apply your stars to the order.

Different items are worth different amounts of stars. You can use your stars on the smaller-ticket items as soon as you have enough, or you can save them up for the bigger-ticket items.

  • 25 Stars: Upgrade your drink with a free extra espresso shot, dairy substitute or a pump of your favorite syrup
  • 50 Stars: Get a brewed hot coffee, bakery item or hot tea for free
  • 150 Stars: Get a handcrafted drink, hot breakfast item or parfait for free
  • 200 Stars: Get a lunch sandwich, protein box or salad for free
  • 400 Stars: Get a bag of coffee to brew at home, a signature Starbucks cup or your choice of select coffee accessories

Sign up for free online or using the Starbucks App!

More information, terms, conditions and all that fun stuff can be found right here.

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