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4 Ways to Stay Organized This School Year

The school year is rapidly approaching. If you’re not prepared, this might fill you with dread and despair. However, if you stay organized, the school year doesn’t need to be so overwhelming. Use these four simple tips, and you and your child can enjoy a well-organized, low-stress year!

Set Up a School Supply Station

It’s cheaper to buy school supplies now, but keeping them handy when your child needs them can be a lot of work. To make life easier for you and teach your child responsibility, set up a school supply station with extra pencils, paper, and whatever else your child may need during the school year. Then, it is up to your child to ensure he or she has all the necessary supplies.

Use Color Coding

Many schools already suggest specific colors for folders and notebooks. However, if your school doesn’t have a proposed color scheme, introducing one to your child’s school supplies can make it easy for you and your child to stay organized. Simply assign a specific color to each subject. For instance, you may assign green to science. Then, have your child use that color for the notebook and folder for that subject. Color coding allows you and your child to tell what subject a notebook or folder is for with just a glance.

Use a Planner or Google Calendar

Some schools will supply a planner or have set requirements in place for using a planner or Google Calendar. If not, get your child a planner or set them up with Google Calendar and teach them how to use it. Recording activities and assignment due dates in the planner or Google Calendar can make it easier for both you and your child to keep track of his/her schedule. Plus, it teaches valuable organizational skills that may help your child for years to come.

Set a Schedule for Cleaning Out Your Child’s Backpack and Folders

Clutter accumulates quickly during the school year. In almost no time, your child’s backpack and folders could become overwhelmingly full. Set a schedule to go through your child’s backpack and folders together to discard things that are no longer relevant, like graded assignments and outdated newsletters. Have a plan in place for papers you want to keep, like artwork or assignments your child is particularly proud of. You might have a filing system, scrapbook, or box for your child.

These simple organizational strategies can make your child’s school year much easier. What strategies do you use to stay organized during the school year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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