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How to Shop and Save at T.J.Maxx

Shopping at T.J.Maxx is like a treasure hunt. Sometimes, you’ll leave empty handed. Other times, you’ll arrive home with bags overflowing with amazing finds.

Because T.J.Maxx’s stock is constantly changing, you never know what products will be available. But one thing is sure: you can snag some great deals if you know how to shop. Here are some of our top tips for saving money at T.J.Maxx.

Look Up Items and Brands on Your Phone

T.J.Maxx sells items from a lot of brands you may not be familiar with. Some of these items are high end, some are low end, and some are international. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the brand, it can be difficult to judge whether it’s really worth the selling price. A quick search on your phone can help you determine which products are the best values.

Look for Markdown Stickers

T.J.Maxx offers some good prices on products. But when markdowns start, the savings can quickly snowball. T.J.Maxx uses mostly red clearance stickers, so watch for them while you shop. If you see more than one layer of red stickers, the item has been marked down more than once and is probably a good deal. If you see a yellow sticker, that’s probably the final markdown. The best sales usually happen in late January and late July. While Wednesday is the standard markdown day, this can vary quite a bit between stores.

Inspect Items Before Purchasing

T.J.Maxx sometimes leaves broken, damaged, or unusable products on the sales floor, especially in the clearance sections. You may find opened food products, crushed eye shadow palettes, or broken dishware. While this may vary between stores, it’s always a good idea to inspect items before you purchase them just in case. Even if the price is low, a product isn’t a good deal if you can’t use it.

Return Items You Don’t Want

T.J.Maxx has a 30-day return window, which is a lot shorter than most retailers. During this window, you can return unused products and receive a refund. However, you’re not stuck with a product you don’t want if the 30-day window ends before you get a chance to make your return. After the 30 days is up, you can still return unused products for in-store credit.

With these simple tips, you can save money and make the most out of your next T.J.Maxx treasure hunt!

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