Frugal Tip

Frugal Tip: Read Your Bills to Save Money

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve just read the total of my bills and paid them without reading anything else on the paper. Well, one week I read my bills and saved $35! Backstory: the month prior, I accidentally paid my water company with the amount I owed the electric company and the electric company with the […]

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Couponing Basics

How To Coupon: A Beginner’s Guide to Couponing

Never used a coupon in your life? Already using coupons, but want to take your couponing game to the next level? This beginner’s guide to couponing will teach you the basics so you can start saving money with coupons. Keep reading for my top tips! Get Some Coupons The Sunday newspaper is a great source of coupons. Buy the newspaper […]

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DIY Recipes

How to Make the Best Southern Sweet Tea

Down here in the south, sweet tea is a staple. Its priority is right up there with milk and eggs. I drink tea year-round and with every meal – including breakfast. However, I just don’t understand how people can pay for those jugs of pre-made sweet tea! Don’t y’all know how easy it is to make sweet tea? Well, I […]

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Save money on Healthy Food

How to Save Money on Healthy Food

One big couponing myth is that all coupons are for junk food!  It makes me so sad to hear people say this because they are missing out on some great savings.  You can absolutely save money on healthy food! Use Coupons Yes, there are a lot of coupons for junk food, but I also find coupons for milk, bread, cheese, […]

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How to wear a scarf as a vest! Easy no-sew scarf refashion.

Frugal Fashion: Wear Your Scarf as a Vest!

Recently my friend, Amanda, taught me how to tie a scarf and wear it as a vest. A VEST, people! Is that not totally brilliant?! Amanda has a super cute style blog too, so be sure to check it out for more frugal fashion inspiration! To tie the scarf, hold it out long-ways, holding the top corners. Fold the scarf […]

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