Frugal Tip

Tips for Buying Kids’ Clothes on Facebook Garage Sale Groups

Thanks to the launch of Facebook Marketplace, garage sale and resale groups have become increasingly popular on Facebook. These groups allow parents to buy, sell, and trade kids’ clothes locally without having to wake up early on a Saturday morning to go to an actual garage sale. After all, you may make the trek and not find anything you actually […]

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Frugal Tip

5 Steps to Saving Money Using Just Envelopes

If you’re struggling to stick to your budget, you might want to try using the envelope budget method. This is a simple system that will make sure you don’t spend more than you’ve allocated for a given category. At the end of the month, you might even have enough to treat yourself to a special gift! If that sounds like a […]

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key to couponing
Couponing Basics

The Key to Couponing

Many people who want to start couponing feel instantly defeated because they think they can’t unlock the “secret method” that will allow them to save a lot of money. I think couponing has developed a bad reputation of being complicated and time-consuming when, in reality, couponing is actually quite simple. I’m going to teach you the key to really saving […]

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Have a Frugal Valentine’s Day!

A dozen roses for $50? A box of chocolates for $30? Two movie tickets for $20? A nice dinner at a restaurant for an arm and a leg? No thank you! I know that with the current state of the economy many people consider one night of frivolity out of the question. If you are one of those people then […]

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