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6 Ways to Recognize Teacher Appreciation Day Remotely

Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 4 through May 8 this year, with May 5th marking Teacher Appreciation Day. Most years, schools and students recognize teachers for all their hard work during this celebration. While circumstances have changed this year, teachers’ commitment to their students hasn’t. Teachers are working hard to find ways to connect with students and help them learn without the benefit of in-person instruction. Perhaps more than ever, teachers deserve our appreciation.

With social distancing in place, though, it might be harder to show your appreciation to teachers. But don’t worry! You don’t have to overlook your favorite educator just because they’re out of the classroom. These six ideas can help you show your appreciation from a safe distance.

Give the Teacher a Digital Gift Card

Teachers frequently spend their own money on their students and their classroom. Now, teachers have new expenses as they try to transform their homes into workspaces. Giving a digital gift card can show your appreciation and let the teacher decide what he or she needs most. Places that deliver may be particularly good choices at the moment. For instance, an Gift Card could be a much-coveted gift.

Have Your Child Email Their Teachers to Thank Them

Physical gifts aren’t necessary to show teachers that you appreciate them. Instead, you could have your child to email their teachers and thank them for all they’ve done. Heartfelt gratitude is often more satisfying than any present, anyway!

Encourage Your Child to Make Special Art for Their Teacher

Homemade art can be a cute way for children to show they care. You could encourage your child to make a special art project for their teacher. Perhaps the art will show the classroom, the teacher, or how the teacher has helped your child. Once the piece is completed, snap a photo of it and email it to the teacher to show that your child is still thinking of them.

Send the Teacher a Video of Your Child Thanking Them

Many children miss their teachers, and teachers miss their students, too! Videotaping your child thanking them may be a fun treat for teachers. You could send them the video or upload it to Google Drive and send them a private link.

Help Your Kid and Their Classmates Put Together a Multimedia Presentation

If your child’s teacher has gone above and beyond, you might be looking for a very special way to thank them. Putting together a multimedia presentation from your child and their classmates may be one of the most memorable Teacher Appreciation gifts ever. You could reach out to parents or your child could reach out to their friends to gather photos, videos, and text to put together in a special online presentation dedicated to the teacher.

Offer Your Help if You Can

Volunteering your services may be invaluable for teachers. If you’re good with technology, you might ask if the teacher needs any help figuring out the platforms they’re now using to teach (and then help them remotely, of course). If you’re still going out for work anyway, you might check to see if the teacher would like you to drop off some groceries or supplies for them. While the teacher might not take you up on your offer, knowing that you’re willing to help will show them how much you appreciate them.

What are you planning to do to celebrate the teachers who make a difference in your child’s life? Share your plans in the comments section below!

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