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5 Tips to Enjoy Universal Studios on a Budget

A trip to Universal Studios Hollywood can be a fun and exciting adventure. Unfortunately, it can also turn into a budget buster. These five tips can help you enjoy Universal Studios Hollywood without spending all your hard-earned money!

Buy Souvenirs Elsewhere

Souvenirs can be expensive, but you and your family may want something to remember your trip by! You can purchase fun, themed merchandise from other stores ahead of your trip, and it is likely to be a lot cheaper than what you’ll find in the park. For instance, Target has a good selection of affordably-priced “Harry Potter” merchandise.

Travel During the Off-Season

If there is any flexibility in your travel plans, aim to visit Universal Studios Hollywood during its off-season, which usually runs from January to May. Not only are crowd levels usually lower, but you’re also more likely to find discounts on tickets. Plus, if the park isn’t as busy, you may be less tempted to splurge on a Universal Express pass.

Park Elsewhere

Depending on when and where you park, Universal Studios Hollywood parking fees range from $10 to $50. To save on parking fees, you might consider parking for free at an LA Metro Line station and riding to Universal City. From there, you can catch a free Universal Studios Hollywood shuttle to the park.

Eat Strategically

Universal Studios Hollywood restricts outside food and drink in the parks. However, purchasing food and drinks in the park can get pricey. To save money, you might consider eating a big breakfast before going into the park. If you plan to leave early enough, you could also wait to eat dinner until you’re out of the park. While Universal Studios Hollywood limits outside food and beverages, you may want to read the rules carefully and pack accordingly. You can bring in baby food, small snacks, and up to two liters of water, which could help you save money.

Bring the Supplies You Think You’ll Need

A day in a theme park may require countless items: sunblock, sunglasses, a poncho if it rains, a sweatshirt if it gets chilly…the list goes on and on. While you can find most essentials in the park, they’re likely to be more expensive than elsewhere. Bringing what you need can reduce the temptation to splurge. Just don’t forget to check the list of restricted items to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.

What other ways do you save money at Universal Studios Hollywood? Let us know in the comments section below!

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