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Tips for Buying Kids’ Clothes on Facebook Garage Sale Groups

Thanks to the launch of Facebook Marketplace, garage sale and resale groups have become increasingly popular on Facebook. These groups allow parents to buy, sell, and trade kids’ clothes locally without having to wake up early on a Saturday morning to go to an actual garage sale. After all, you may make the trek and not find anything you actually like!

If you’re looking to buy (or sell) clothes on Facebook, here are some tips for success:

Comment ASAP

If you’re interested in something posted on a Facebook garage sale group, be sure to comment right away! These groups often use a line order to help prevent any arguments, which means you need to get your name on the list right away. After commenting, you can always back out if you end up deciding that the item just isn’t the right price for you. The seller will just go to the next comment in line!

Ask About Condition

Anytime something used is being sold, don’t forget to ask the seller about the condition. Not only should you specifically ask if the clothes have any stains or holes, you should also check to see if the clothes come from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Most sellers will be honest with you and let you know right away if something is wrong with it. You can then make your decision about purchasing it, or at least on what you’re willing to pay.

Buy the Whole Lot

If a seller has multiple items posted, try buying in bulk! Ask the seller if they offer a discount if you purchase all of their items (the lot). Many sellers will give you a great deal so that they only have to meet with one buyer as opposed to multiple meets with buyers who may or may not show up. This works particularly well for kids’ clothes because the idea is all of the clothes they’re selling came from the same sized kid!

Establish Payment Method

It’s always a good idea to establish, in writing, how the seller wants to be paid. Venmo, Zelle and other secure, digital forms of payment have become very popular. However, some people aren’t comfortable with digital payments and would rather have cash. Make sure you both understand how payment will be made prior to meeting up.

Meet in Public

No matter how friendly a seller may seem, always plan to meet up in a public place. The parking lot of a grocery store is my favorite place to meet for these types of transactions. You never know what someone might be up to!

Follow Your Instincts

If a seller seems untrustworthy or what they’re saying just doesn’t feel right, do not meet with them. It’s too easy for people on the internet to take a photo that isn’t theirs to try and lure buyers to meet with them for a host of unsavory reasons. No deal is worth your safety!

Make a Good Impression

If you have a good experience with a seller, make sure you make a good impression on them, too. Be sure to show up on time with the agreed upon amount in the agreed upon form of payment. By making a good impression on the seller, you can suggest that the next time they have something for sale that they contact you first before posting it on the group. If they’re selling clothes that your kids are in, they obviously have children who are older, which means that they will probably sell clothes each time their kids move up a size. This can make it easier for you to find used clothes in good condition at a great price.

Buying clothes on Facebook garage sale groups is a great way to get clothes for your kids at a great price. Do you buy clothes on any groups? Share your experiences with us!

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  1. I have sold and bought off Facebook selling sites. You have to join the group’s first tho. Just put MarketPlace in search engine…that will help you a lot. I’ve had much success in selling and buying. I only have pu at my home as I don’t drive. If I get a no show you just report them to the group. It can be fun….good way to get rid of stuff without hassle of doing a rummage!


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