Ultimate Couponer’s Gift Guide


It’s no secret that Couponers are hard to shop for.  Everyone knows we can get a better deal, and we might cry if we find out you paid full price.  Save everyone the drama this Christmas and get the Couponer in your life one of these Frugalista-approved gifts.

couponizer2 The Couponizer – An organizing and shopping system for coupons and other discounts, the Couponizer makes it easy to save money.  The Couponizer stores your coupons, receipts, store loyalty cards, and even comes with shopping lists, scissors, and a carrying bag!

all you magazine All You Magazine– In addition to money-saving articles and frugal recipes, each issue of All You magazine contains valuable coupons.  At just $1.42 per issue, this gift is easy on your wallet, and will help stretch the recipient’s budget!

entertainment book The Entertainment Book – Filled with hundreds of 50% off and 2-for-1 discounts for your area on the things you do everyday like dining, groceries, shopping, services, and attractions; the Entertainment Book makes a great gift for anyone on your list. Plus great discounts on travel, home furnishings and much more!

foodsaver FoodSaver – Keep your discounted steak and chicken fresh in the freezer with a home vacuum-packaging system like FoodSaver. This is sure to be a hit gift for anyone who buys in bulk!

cansolidator Canned Foods Organizer – Making rotating your stockpile a snap, this canned food organizer automatically rotates up to 40 cans! The Cansolidator is your perfect solution for long term food storage or organizing existing cupboard, pantry, or shelf space.

wireless all in one printer Wireless All-in-One Printer – With printable coupons becoming more and more popular, a high quality printer is an absolute necessity.  Go for a wireless all-in-one printer for maximum efficiency.

coupon queenNovelty T-Shirt – This Coupon Queen T-Shirt is adorable!  If your Couponer has a sense of humor (don’t worry, we usually do), they might get a laugh out of this shirt or this one!

costco Costco Membership – Though I personally think you can get better deals by shopping with coupons, bulk shopping can be effective as well.  A Costco membership would also be well-suited for large families or if you don’t live in an area with double coupons.

newspaper Newspaper Subscription – While printable coupons are on the rise, the Sunday newspaper is continually the best source of coupons.  A newspaper subscription will save your Couponer a bundle -as well as a weekly trip to the store!

massage Massage – Couponing is hard work! Couponers (or anyone for that matter) will really appreciate a relaxing treat like a massage after shopping all day.

I hope my Ultimate Couponer’s Gift Guide will help you find the perfect gift for your special Couponer! Check back throughout the week for giveaways for some of my favorites from the list! Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. The consolidator pantry would really help me organize my cupboard, since it doesn’t have shelving. I would like to win it. Thanks!


  2. I’m amused because I mentioned recently that I really need to get a real coupon organizer instead of old envelopes that keep falling apart, and an AllYou magazine subscription is actually on my official wish list that I’ve been telling people. 😀


  3. Nice list! I especially like the idea of a massage. Couponing is, indeed, hard work. All that coupon clipping can lead to a sore neck and back! :o)


  4. Stephanie, you just posted my wish list! When people ask me what I want, I never know what to say. I think I may forward this to a “few” people. Thanks!


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