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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Scavenger Hunt

Looking to get outside and make the best out of the great summer weather? Unfortunately, some members of your family might not be as eager as you are. After all, there are video games, TV, and movies inside. But you can lure even the biggest homebody outside with an exciting scavenger hunt the whole family can enjoy. Here are some helpful things to consider when planning the ultimate scavenger hunt.

Pick a Theme

You can select a theme based on your family’s interests, what you want children to learn about, or even what materials you have available. While pirate scavenger hunts may be an obvious choice, you could also select from nearly any theme you can imagine, including an archaeological excavation, a mystery, or a jungle expedition. If your kids have a favorite movie, TV show, or game, you could even theme your scavenger hunt around that.

Write Clues

It’s time to flex your creative side. You’ll need to select the destinations you want players to find and write clues to guide them towards these locations. For small children, your clues may need to be pretty obvious, but for older players, more complicated clues can be fun.

You could write your clues as riddles or rhymes, but if you want to add an additional layer of problem-solving, you might also consider using a puzzle or cipher. You might even use pictures for a different approach.

Pay Attention to Safety

Safety first! Make sure your outdoor scavenger hunt doesn’t include any unnecessary risks, like crossing busy streets. If you live in an area with ticks, everyone should where shoes, socks, and long pants. And since it is mosquito season, some bug spray might come in handy.

Be Flexible

While you’ll want to plan your scavenger hunt ahead of time, try to stay flexible. Weather can change on a dime, so you might need to switch your scavenger hunt to a different day. If children are struggling with clues, you may also need to give them a few extra hints. However, as long as you remember that you don’t have to stick to the plan to have a good time, your scavenger hunt can still go well even with a few hiccups.

Consider an Easy Alternative

Even if you don’t want to make clues, that doesn’t mean your kids can’t enjoy a scavenger hunt. To go a different route, you might try a nature-based scavenger hunt that requires very little planning. Just put together a list of natural items you want your child to find, like an acorn, a pine cone, a pretty rock, etc. This can be a great impromptu activity when you want your children to go outside and enjoy the weather.

It’s time to enjoy all that summer has to offer. Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt for a memorable adventure!

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