Walgreens: 28¢ Reese’s and Kit Kats!

Here is a deal worth making a special trip for (in my chocoholic mindset anyway….)!  There is a Hidden Register Reward deal where you earn $5 in Register Rewards when you buy $10 worth of select Hershey’s Candy.  The Snack Size Reese’s and Kit Kat 8 packs are included in this deal and there is an in-ad coupon that makes the candy only 99¢.  Combining the Register Reward and the In-Ad Coupon will get you candy for just 28¢ per package!

Here’s how it works:

(7) Snack Size Reese’s or Kit Kats 8 packs $1.50 each (= $10.50)
– In-Ad Coupon (page 2) to make the packs 99¢ (- $3.57)
= $6.93
Earn $5 in Register Rewards
= $1.93, or 28¢ each!

Thanks, Passion for Savings!


  1. I did this deal yesterday and it worked exactly as you described it. You must make sure you only get Resses’s Peanut Butter Cups or Kit Kat, no other 8 packs are included.


  2. It worked like a charm for me. I bought 7 packages of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups used the in ad coupon, paid with a previous RR and received my $5 RR. Then I turned right around and bought 7 packages of the Kit Kats used the in-ad coupon used a different previous RR and received another $5 RR 🙂


  3. The coupon on p. 2 says “Limit 3”, so I’m wondering if it will be applicable to all 7 packs of candy, or will it only give a discount on 3 packs? Has anyone tried it? (Either way, it’s still a good deal, though.)


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