Walgreen’s Coupon Matchups and Deals 5/1 – 5/7


If you’re new, please read Couponing Terms and Abbreviations and Walgreens 101 before continuing.

These are the best deals at Walgreens for the week of May 1st – 7th, 2011.

Noxzema Disposable Razors 4-pk. $3.99, Earn $3 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– $2/1 Select Noxzema Shavers Coupon (5/1 RP)
= Free + $1.01 Profit

Right Guard Total Defense 5 Body Wash B1G1 Free
– B1G1 Dry Idea or Right Guard Product Coupon (5/1 RP) *YMMV using this coupon with this sale
= 2 Free

G-U-M Eez-Thru Flosser $2, Earn $2 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
= Free

Soft Sheen Optimum Care Relaxer Kit $6.99, Earn $5 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
$2/1 Optimum Care Salon Collection Product Printable Coupon
= Free

Tylenol Precise Products $7.99
– $3/1 Tylenol Precise Pain Relief Cream or Heat Patch Walgreens Coupon (May Coupon Book) AND
$5/1 Precise Product Printable Coupon
= Free

Fixodent Adhesive or Cleanser $3.99, Earn $1 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– FREE Fixodent Cleanser Coupon (5/1 P&G) OR
– 50¢/1 Fixodent Adhesive or Cleanser Coupon (5/1 P&G)
= Free – $2.49

Scotch Tape or Padded Mailers 39¢ (with in-ad coupon)

Dry Idea or Right Guard Deodorant $2.99, Earn $2 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– B1G1 Dry Idea or Right Guard Product Coupon (5/1 RP)

(2) Right Guard Deodorant $2.99 ea.
– (1) B1G1 Dry Idea or Right Guard Product Coupon (5/1 RP)
= $2.99, Earn $2 in Register Rewards
= 50¢ ea.

Gatorade, Buy $10 Worth and Earn $5 Foot Locker e-Gift Card (Limit 1)
32 oz. or Perform $1; Prime $1.50; Recover $2.50; 4-pk or 6-pk $3
– FREE Gatorade wyb Prime AND Recover Coupon (5/1 Pepsico Moments)

(2) 32-oz. Gatorade $1 ea.
(2) Gatorade Prime $1.50 ea.
(2) Gatorade Recover $2.50 ea.
– (2) FREE Gatorade wyb Prime AND Recover Coupon (5/1 Pepsico Moments)
= $8, Earn $5 Foot Locker eGift Card
= 50¢ ea.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor System $9.89, Earn $5 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– $4/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor Coupon (5/1 P&G)
= 89¢

Kellogg’s Cereal $1.99
– $1/2 Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies Coupon (4/17 RP) OR
– 70¢/1 Kellogg’s FiberPlus Cereal Coupon (4/17 RP) *if included OR
– $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereal Coupon (4/17 RP) OR
$1/1 Frosted Mini Wheats w/ Fruit in the Middle Printable Coupon or Printable Coupon *if included OR
$1/1 Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Printable Coupon OR
– 70¢/1 Select Kellogg’s Cereals Coupon (3/27 RP) OR
– $1.50/3 Select Kellogg’s Cereals Coupon (4/10 RP) OR
– $1/2 Select Kellogg’s Cereals Coupon (3/27 RP)
= 99¢ – $1.66 ea.

Bic Razors $5.99, Earn $2 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– $2/1 Bic Disposable Shaver Coupon (3/27 SS) OR
– $3/1 Bic Flex4, Flex3, or Comfort3 Razor Coupon (4/10 SS) OR
– $3/1 Bic Hybrid Advance Razor Coupon (4/10 SS)
= 99¢ – $1.99

Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner $4, Buy 2 and Earn $2 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– FREE Head & Shoulders Conditioner wyb Shampoo Coupon (4/17 RP)
= $1 ea.

Colgate Toothpaste or Toothbrush $2.50, Buy 2 and Earn $1 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– 75¢/1 Colgate Toothbrush Coupon (5/1 SS) OR
– $1/1 Select Colgate Toothpastes Coupon (ALL YOU Apr ’11)
= $1 – $1.25 ea.

Blue Diamond Almonds ($3.59) B1G1 Free
– 60¢/2 Blue Diamond Almonds Coupon (1/23 or 4/3 SS) *YMMV using this coupon OR
– 75¢/2 Blue Diamond Almonds Coupon (1/23 SS) *YMMV using this coupon
= $1.42 – $1.50 ea.

Aussie or Herbal Essence Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styler $2.99, Earn $1 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– 50¢/1 Herbal Essences or Aussie Product Coupon (5/1 P&G)
= $1.49

Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styler $3.50, Buy 2 and Earn $1 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– $3/2 Pantene Product (5/1 P&G)
= $1.50 ea.

Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styler $2.99
– $1/1 Select Garnier Fructis Items Coupon (3/6 or 5/1 RP) OR
– $1/1 Garnier Fructis Style Product Coupon (3/6 or 5/1 RP)
= $1.99

Renpure Organics Hair Care $5.99, Earn $4 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
= $1.99

Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12 pk $5, Buy 2 and Earn $3 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
– (2) 50¢/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue 4pk. or larger Printable Coupon or Printable Coupon AND
– $1/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue Walgreens Coupon (May Coupon Book)
= $2 ea.

Select Household Products, Buy $10 Worth and Earn $3 in Register Rewards (Limit 1)
Bounce, Cascade, Downy, or Tide Stain Release $3.99; Select Mr. Clean, Swiffer, and Febreze Items 25% off
– 25¢/1 Cascade Product Coupon (5/1 P&G) OR
– 50¢/1 Mr. Clean Product Coupon (5/1 P&G) OR
– 1.50/2 Mr. Clean Items Coupon (5/1 P&G) OR
– 25¢/1 Downy Fabric Softener or Sheets Coupon (5/1 P&G) OR
– 50¢/1 Downy Fabric Softener or Sheets Coupon (5/1 P&G) OR
– 50¢/1 Febreze Air Effects Coupon (5/1 P&G) OR
– $1/1 Febreze Noticeables Refill Pack Coupon (5/1 P&G) OR
– 50¢/1 Febreze Set & Refresh Coupon (5/1 P&G) OR
– 50¢/1 Febreze Fabric Refresher Coupon (5/1 P&G)
= Price Varies

Irish Spring Deodorant or Body Wash B1G1 Free
– 50¢/1 Irish Spring Deodorant Coupon (5/1 SS) OR
– 50¢/1 Irish Spring Body Wash Coupon (5/1 SS)
= Price Varies

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Products B1G1 50% off, Buy 2 and Get First Aid Kit Free
– $1/2 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Product Coupon (3/13 RP)
= Price Varies

Speed Stick or Lady’s Speed Stick Deodorant B1G1 Free
– 50¢/1 Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Coupon (5/1 SS)
= Price Varies

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  1. I just started getting my newspaper delivered and was mad to find out I was missing my RP insert! I contacted the newspaper and they had another full newspaper delivered, this time I got the RP insert but it is missing the Right Guard coupon!! Does this happen frequently? Is this how those extreme couponers are getting thousands of coupons? The newspaper employees swiping them? Grrrr!!!!!!!


  2. Another pretty good deal here is they have a 99¢ coupon for dawn dish soap and this week there was a 25¢ off coupon for any dawn dish soap so used together it was only 74¢ for a 10.3 oz bottle!


  3. My Walgreens today would not let me use their coupon and my manufacturers coupon for the Tylenol Precise because it was one cent over the price, even though I was buying more items! Anyone else had this problem – should I try another Walgreens?


    • @Kendra,
      I did that same deal today with no problems. Just make sure you use your WAGS first, then you Man Q’s. Lots of luck with this one, it’s a really good deal!


      • @Carie,

        Take the Walgreens coupon policy in. It says, “The coupon amount must be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied. (For example, a $5.00 coupon for a $4.99 item will results in a $4.99 coupon value.)” In other words, it does NOT say anything like the coupon will be denied, which is what it sounds like you were told. They should be told that the coupon value should be simply pared down to match the amount left on the item. I haven’t had this unfortunate problem yet, but I’m ready to present their own words to them if I catch any guff. 🙂


  4. I am having trouble so please forgive me for multiple posts!

    If they have B1G1@50% off, can I then also use a B1G1 free mfg coupon and if so, am i just wasting it or is there an actual savings?


    • @RuthAnn Alston,
      Yes there is a savings. If the product is 4.99 and the other is 2.50 (50% off)…then when you use your B1G1 coupon on a B1G one 50% off… then you will be paying $2.50 for both products or 1.25 each. Hope that helps


    • @RuthAnn Alston, Using a b1g1 free coupon on a b1g1 50% off sale is kind of pointless. The coupon will deduct the item that is the lowest value, so it will deduct the item that rings up 50% – which would just make it the equivalent of a b1g1 free sale. I would save your coupon for a better deal.


  5. what about this scenario:

    Gillette Body wash is on sale for B1g1@50% off
    can I then also use a B1G1 mft coupon on this transaction?


  6. I’m hesitant to use RR. Does it really save me money? How does that work? It seems like I’m paying out of pocket and may or may not use the rewards I get. I don’t want to mess this up.


    • I think it depends on your needs. I use the RR to buy things that I need and am going to buy anyway. For example today, I got RR for the Cottenelle, Gilette razor and Right Guard deodorant. I did another transaction and used the RR to pay for Kellogg’s cereal and generic WAGS diapers that were on sale. I use them the same day so I’m assured I won’t loose them or they won’t expire.


  7. I was told (by another couponer) that any Proctor &Gamble coupon can be used to purchase ANY P&G products. Havent tried it in the store yet. Is this true?


  8. When it says a limit of 1 register reward (i.e. for the Noxzema, Bic Soleil and Gilette Fusion) does that mean only one per transaction so as long as I do multiple transactions for the same item I will keep getting the RR for them or how else could they know if you have gotten your 1 RR for that particular product?


    • @Rhonda, Yes, limit 1 per transaction. And be sure not to roll them. So don’t use a Noxema RR to buy another Noxzema or you won’t get a new RR. Using a Bic RR to buy a Noxzema is okay though.


  9. I took advantage of the GREAT toilet paper deal on Cottonelle, and got my very first Register Rewards–$4 worth! Thanks so much for this tip.


  10. I am new to this, but was wondering if the RR vary from area to area? I live in Portland, Oregon and this morning I got a $3 RR at Walgreens, not sure if it was from the Noxema disposable razors or the Cottonelle toilet paper, but neither one showed that I would get RR in our ad. I didn’t get any RR for the GUM Eez flosers, Right Guard deoterant, or Clear Eyes eye drops. In fact, I’m not sure which items gave my the RR, according to our weekly add. Any thoughts or help???


    • @Suzanne, I received a $3 RR for the Noxzema Razors and at the bottom it says “compliments of Noxzema disposable razors”. Several of my RR’s today said compliments of whatever brand. I would talk to the store about the other RR’s especially if they’re in your ad. Once my RR’s didn’t print and the supervisor had to do a manual override to get them to print. Something about the packaging codes not matching. Anyways, I ended up getting them after a short wait.


  11. Hi! Just wondering if there is any site out there that allows you to print past Red Plum or Smart source coupons. I am new to couponing and do not have any of the older coupons. I have tried a few sites but they want you to sign up for one of there sponser special ar download a tool bar, neither of which I want to do.

    Thanks in asvance for any help you can provide me,

    Lee Davila


    • @Lee,

      Smart Source and Red Plum both require you to sign up and install their coupon printing plugins; this is to make sure people only print out so much of each coupon. The software isn’t intrusive and won’t break anything on your computer. But as you’ve probably figured out, they don’t have the same coupons on their websites as in the newspaper.

      It’s pretty much a matter of “stockpiling” coupons for a few weeks. You can try coupon clipping services; I sometimes end up using one anyway, since for some reason our local paper is usually missing the best coupons (this week I didn’t get Right Guard or Noxema coupons, for example). But in a few weeks, after the current coupons have expired, they’ll send out new ones, and you can grab them then. Hope this helps!


      • @Nick,

        What is the website for redplum? I am trying to get on there to print the Noxzema razors and right guard coupons. My paper did not offer them either. I keep getting just thousands of search sites and I just want the 2 coupons ha. Thanks for you help!


        • @Kristi, Not all coupons offered in the newspapers are available on the website. If there is only an insert and date (i.e., RP 5/1) that means it was only printed in the newspaper insert, which varies by region. If one is available to print, a link will appear when a blogger references it.
          Hope this helps!


  12. I have coupons for Lysol wipes and Walgreens is advertising BOGO. Can I use a 2 coupons for both the regular prized one and the free one??


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