Walgreens EasySaver Program Discontinued


Yes, it’s true.  Walgreens has discontinued their EasySaver Program.  According their website they are “developing new loyalty programs that we expect will bring even more interesting incentives and rewards.”

I will miss the 10% gift card bonus, but I’m looking forward to hearing more about their new programs!

What about you?  Will you miss the EasySaver program or not?


  1. I have had problems with Walgreens’ Register Rewards also. The manager explained to me that it’s “illegal” to use a coupon to receive a coupon. Balderdash! I get special coupons at the grocery store register all the time whether I use a coupon or not, and CVS lets you use their Extra Bucks to buy other items that also generate Extra Bucks. In addition, the Walgreens coupons expire in about two weeks. Last month my family had a bout with the stomach flu, and by the time I made it back to the store, the $3 coupon was worthless. Our local CVS honors Extra Bucks even if they are expired. The Walgreens manager also explained that the company that handles the coupon program sets the expiration date, and my response is that they should find another company with reasonable rules. But I’m sure they get a lot more profit from expired coupons than they ever did with the rebate program. I’ll just be taking my business to CVS where they let me spend their bucks on pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want.


  2. I’ll miss the easy saver rebate program, but to the coupons in the ESR book, I say ‘Good Riddens!’ It was enough trouble trying to go through my own coupons… It always took me so long to match my coupons to theirs, and half the time the cashier would tell me that the coupon didn’t match the item I was purchasing. It was very frustrating, and part of the reason I no longer shop at the Walgreens at the front of my neighborhood anymore!


  3. Thanks Rachel, the problem I ran into was not having a filler item, like you had mentioned. I was trying to use the same number of coupons to buy the same # of items, so if I would have bought something else I would have been fine on that transaction. However when the mgr explained (or tried to anyways) he misinformed me…..I sent an email last night to Walgreens and nice woman called me today and explained this to me. Thanks for your info! :o)


  4. I’m going to miss the gift card the most. I am excited about the upcoming “loyalty” program. I don’t like the way the RRs work, but I do like being able to get as much as I want. CVS is way easier, but I get frustrated sometimes with the limits. I think limiting purchases to “1” is a bit silly.

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  5. I am going to miss the esr. Mostly I loved stacking the coupons from the catalog to get stuff cheap. I hope they come up with another program. I have a difficult time with all the RRs.


  6. Lots of “K” names! 🙂

    Kathy and Kellee: You can use RRs AND MFC to buy the same item (Example – Right Guard. Use $1 from insert and $2RR from Tide deal last week) BUT you can’t “roll” the deal from the same company to get the same product/deal. It won’t give you the RR on the second transaction. THAT’S why you have to do different transactions for less OOP. If you do the deal like the example, you got the Right Guard for free and have another $2 for next week. The problem lies in that they (RR and insert Q) are BOTH MFC, so you need another cheap “filler” item or something you need for which you do not have a coupon. I like to buy something with an in-ad coupon (store Q – doesn’t count) like the 3/$1 peroxide I will use anyway. That makes 2 items, 2 MFC and 1 store Q for this transaction….it works.

    K: Yes, if you don’t know how to make the best of your ‘deals,’ then you won’t realize the same savings as some others. That is what the manufacturers count on in order to make their money. If you are knowledgeable and savvy, you can walk out of WAGS with $143.64 worth of merchandise for $.64!! I did it with some creative planning and multiple coupons and transactions. I feel like it is beating them at their own game and I relish the chase!

    Stephanie: I will miss WAGS rebates a little, but April was my first month to get one anyway as I am new to frugal living. Sadly, I didn’t catch on until then. I am disappointed that the NEXT DAY after it was over, my ‘low ink’ light came on – time for a refill and NO REBATE!! 🙁 Poor me and rotten timing!!

    Sorry for such a long post. Delete/edit if you wish. Thanks for listening and for your blog. I appreciate it and enjoy your frugal wisdom!


  7. Yes I am going to miss my WGs Gift Card! It’s so much easier to use that than those RRs! I’m hoping that they come up with a system that is similar to CVS because not being able to use RRs on some transactions where you’re trying to get RRs is driving me crazy!


  8. I’ll miss it, because I always seem to have problems with the RR’s printing out for me. I’ve pretty much quit shopping at Walgreens because of all the problems that I have there. At least with the rebates I knew that I wouldn’t have a problem (plus, I liked having the gift card, so after I spent my money OOP the first month, I could always just use my GC to pay for items).


  9. Yes, I will miss is. I’m just now getting the hang of the Walgreens shopping, and they go and make changes! Lol 🙂

    Surely, this means they are coming out with something even better, and I cannot wait to see what it is!

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Stephanie!

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  10. Yes, I will miss the EasySaver program. It was a “true” freebie program with a 10% bonus!

    I *always* see coupon deals on multiple sites for both CVS and Walgreens that incorrectly will say Spend $2 get $2 in RR = FREE. That is false! It is *not* free! If you buy something worth $2 at your next visit with your $2 RR credit, then you purchased your first item and this item for $1 each!!! *Not* free!

    True, if you use your RR to buy more items that spit out more RR, then you are increasing your savings. You must be diligent and particular about how you use your RR. I suspect that, at best, many are only getting 50% off…..not free.


  11. I had an issue today at Wags……they would not allow me to use manufacturer coupons from the newspaper and register rewards that earned today on my previous transaction?? Usually I do not do multiple transactions but I tried this today. Have you experienced this? The manager stated that they I can no longer use RR and manufacture coupons together because of all the new “coupon rules”. Any advise?


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