May 26, 2018

Daily Frugal Tip: Use A Vinegar After-Shower Spray

Apr 9, 2013

white vinegar

Reader Stephanie sent in the following frugal tip:

“We have hard water where we live so I use a vinegar and water mixture in a spray bottle after every shower, and also just whenever I think to use it. I spray down the entire shower and curtain with the spray and let it sit. It eats away the hard water and soap scum build up with out any scrubbing at all. With my busy schedule, the less time I have to spend cleaning, the better.”

I love it! Vinegar is about the cheapest cleaning product you can use, and you avoid all those harsh chemicals in regular cleaners. Plus, this saves time and sanity. 😀

Other uses for vinegar:

Thanks, Stephanie!

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  1. Anne Ried says:

    Since when is vinager blue? What is really in this bottle shown in the picture?


    • It was just a stock photo that we used as an example photo, but I changed it so people don’t get confused.

  2. Ang Musick says:

    What is the ratio of water to vinegar you use?

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