Free Halloween Costume Ideas

Ghosts may give you goosebumps. Monsters may give you nightmares. But if you’re on a strict budget, nothing may be quite as blood-curdling as the price of a good Halloween costume. Never fear! If you take a look at your existing resources, you might be able to put together a Halloween costume without spending a dime. These costume ideas use items many people already have in their wardrobes.

4 Last-Minute Idiom Halloween Costumes via Club Crafted

This isn’t just one costume but FOUR convenient costumes! We’ve included them on the list because they require very little effort and minimal materials. In fact, most of them can be constructed with simple items you may already have around the house, like construction paper.

Easy Ice Cream Cone Costume via Club Crafted

Club Crafted is back at it again with this awesome ice cream cone costume. This costume idea makes the list because it is so sweet and you can adjust the project to use very few materials. For this costume, you construct a simple cone hat out of brown craft paper and draw sprinkles onto a white dress. If you don’t want to permanently alter a dress, we think it would work well to cut out sprinkles from construction paper and stick them to a dress with double-sided tape.

Costumes From Your Closet // Lumberjacks via Lovely Indeed

We put this costume on the list because so many people can put together in a flash. Do you have a pair of jeans? Do you have a plaid shirt? Great! Then you have a lumberjack costume ready and waiting in your closet. Extra touches like a pair of boots, a hat, and/or suspenders can give the look a finishing touch.

Strawberry and Banana Halloween Costume via I am Style-ish

This is a mommy and me costume, but we’ve included it in the list because it would be so easy to apply the same basic idea to any number of costumes. The idea is that you wear one color associated with a fruit (in this case, a strawberry and a banana). With just some slight doctoring, you can easily transform that look into a fruit costume. Plus, if you use double-sided tape instead of fabric glue, the changes you make to the clothing don’t even need to be permanent.

Picasso and Painting via The House That Lars Built

This is another costume designed for a mother and child to wear together, but it would work for any pair. We think that the results look brilliant, but the real reason we’ve included it on this list is that it would be easy to use as inspiration for another costume using materials you already have on hand. Just consider a painting you can recreate with what you already own. One person can dress as that painting while the other dresses as the painter.

Before you rush out and splurge on a costume, look at the items you already have. What other costumes can you think of that use things you already own?

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