How to Shop and Save at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree can offer some of the best bargains around. However, just because a product is only a dollar doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. To save at Dollar Tree, you need to know what to look for. Here are some of our top tips for saving money at Dollar Tree.

Look for Familiar Brands

Dollar Tree often carries familiar brands at steep markdowns. Frequently, these products were seasonal or are newly introduced, so Dollar Tree can be a great source for fun, affordable finds that you can’t get elsewhere.

Pay Attention to Packaging

If the packaging looks fancy, it might be worth giving the product a second look. Dollar Tree sometimes brings in high-end and/or international brands that you might not see at grocery stores. A quick search on your phone can help you find out whether the product you’re looking at is a good deal.

Check Shelf Dates

Some products may be marked down because they are near shelf date. If this concerns you or you don’t plan to use a product right away, make sure to check the shelf date before purchasing food items.

Know What to Look For

Some deals are better than others at Dollar Tree. Party supplies, seasonal décor, school supplies, greeting cards, sunglasses, and reading glasses are often exceptional deals. However, single-serve beverages and/or candy bars can end up being pricier than they are in conventional grocery stores.

Watch Sizes

A lot of products at Dollar Tree are cheap because they are smaller than what you find in the grocery store. This can be wonderful if you only want a small amount of something like salad dressing, but it might not be the best value per ounce.

Watch for Friends & Family Events

During Friends & Family Events, you can save an additional 10% off. If you shop at a Dollar Tree before an event, you might receive a coupon at checkout. Otherwise, follow Dollar Tree on social media to find out when the event is happening and print your coupon online. There’s usually a $10 minimum spend to receive the discount. These events are a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite items and try out some new finds.

Dollar Tree can help you find great deals on exciting products, but it’s kind of like a treasure hunt. Sometimes, you’ll snag a great find and other times you’ll leave empty-handed. Use these tips to get some of the best deals possible at Dollar Tree!

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