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4 Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies

This time of year, you can buy cute baby costumes at a huge array of major retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Costco. While these costumes are undoubtedly adorable, you might be in the mood to craft a unique costume for your precious bundle of joy instead. These DIY baby costumes offer plenty of cuteness with a more personal touch:

Gumball Machine Baby Halloween Costume via The Darling Days

We’ve included this adorable gumball machine costume on the list because it is crafty without being complicated. While it contains multiple components, you don’t need to be able to sew to put it together.

Old Lady Baby Costume via Just Simply Mom

There’s something undeniably funny about dressing a baby as an old person. But the real reason we’ve included this costume on the list is that it is so versatile. When it’s not Halloween, you can still dress your baby in most of the components of the costume without it looking too costumey.

Gnome Costume via Adventure in a Box

Garden gnomes are already pretty cute on their own. But put your baby in a garden gnome outfit, and it may be cuteness overload! This costume makes the cut because not only is it adorable, but you can also use thicker clothes to construct a warmer costume, making it appropriate for cooler climates.

Baby Scuba Diver Costume via I Love My Kids Blog

We’ve included this costume on the list because it is such a clever way to incorporate your baby’s pacifier into a costume. In fact, the pacifier pulls the whole costume together! Plus, this project uses a lot of components you may already have in your house, so it might be more affordable than store-bought costumes. If you want to dress up, too, it would be so cute to wear a shark costume!

Putting together a cute costume for your baby doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. These 4 DIY baby costumes prove it!

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