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How to Get the Most Out of Costco

Shopping at club stores can provide good savings. And if you’re really good at it, you can even snag great savings. But like saving at Sam’s Club, saving big at Costco may require a few special tricks. Read on to learn how to maximize your savings when you shop at Costco.

Select Your Membership Option Wisely

Costco has several membership options. Selecting the best membership option for you can put money back in your pocket. A Gold Star membership offers the lowest upfront fee. A Gold Star Executive membership costs more, but it also entitles you to an annual reward on eligible purchases. Which membership option is most cost-effective for you depends on how much you intend to shop at Costco. If you shop there inconsistently, a Gold Star membership might save you money. However, if you shop there often, the extra rewards from a Gold Star Executive membership may add up.

Shop End-of-Season Sales

Costco frequently clears out stock at the end of each season, and that can lead to big savings! Discounted item prices usually end in .97, which makes the deals easier to spot. Unfortunately, you might not know the original price, so it can be hard to judge how good a deal you’re getting. You may want to look up the item on your phone for a better idea of how much similar products sell for elsewhere.

Watch for Ads

Costco usually offers good prices, but special savings can make those good prices even better. Costco ads serve as a helpful guide to some of the best deals. You may receive Costco ads in the mail or when you walk into the store. You can also peruse savings on the website. Regardless of how you do it, paying attention to these ads can help you find extra savings on some of your favorite products.

Consider Getting a Costco Anywhere Visa

A Costco Anywhere Visa offers cash rewards on purchases from Costco, gas stations, restaurants, and more. While there are a lot of rewards credit cards available, frequent Costco shoppers may find the Costco Anywhere Visa particularly convenient.

What other tips and tricks have you found to save money at Costco? Share your secrets in the comments section below!

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